God has been blessing the Medical Missionary work at Kibidula
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Highlights from the Kibidula Medical Missionary Department

The Kibidula Medical Missionary Department has had a very busy year.  
In March of this year, Kori Butts, who had been working with L.I.G.H.T. (Lay Institute for Global Health Training) and Wildwood for many years, joined the team.  She has added another dimension to Kibidula’s medical missionary work.  
In addition to the basic medical missionary training (the first month of each 5-month evangelism school session) the team has been very busy with mobile teaching sessions, health expos, helping with evangelism efforts, translating the teaching materials, developing tracts, opening our new wellness center, and doing village door-to-door work.
Kori has been a huge asset as she has been very active locally in the villages and around Kibidula.  She has been taking many of the students after they have completed the one-month basic course and having them do practical medical missionary work in the villages for people with all kinds of needs.  Over 50 men and women have been advised or given medical assistance.  Over 20 students and staff members of Kibidula have also been ministered to.  Food and clothing have been provided for more than 15 families, and four gardens for elderly or the sick have been “put in.”  The new Wellness Center (Lifestyle Center) has served 3 guests.  Hope has been given to those who had no hope, and because people’s hearts have been touched by the unselfish help (physically and medically) some have asked for Bible studies in their homes.  Ultimately the goal is to win people’s trust that we may reach them for Christ.  
Fifty students attended the one-month medical missionary classes this year at the Kibidula Training Center as either a stand-alone class or as part of the 5-month evangelism course.
We and/or our students did health expos and health meetings in 15 different locations including the following:  Kibidula, Kilyamatundu, Lwing’ulo, Kipeta, Dodoma (Makulu), Ukemele, Kisada, Nyololo Shuleni, Haneti, Kirando, Mbeya and other villages throughout Tanzania (and one in Zimbabwe.)  There were more than 2,262 attendees at the health expos, and 111 people that were baptized in connection to these health expos and meetings.
In one village where our students were trying to do door-to-door work for three weeks, they were barred by local church leadership (other religions) to preach or do Bible studies, but they were allowed to continue to do the health expos and health outreach, which allowed them access to the people.  We were very thankful for the “right arm of the gospel.”   
We praise the Lord that we were able to simplify, translate and finalize the Nutrition and Principles of Health and Healing syllabi.  Now our students can have a copy in their local language (Kiswahili) during class, and when they leave to take home.  This will allow the work to spread more quickly.
In Haneti where we were doing health testing, and health talks, there was a lady that was helping with the meetings.  Her name is Juliette.  She was not feeling well when she arrived.  She was having many pains and could only walk a short distance before being out of breath.  Her weight was high and so was her blood pressure.  She went through the health testing, listened to the health meetings each day, and made lifestyle changes as she learned them.  By the end of two weeks, she said her pains were gone, she was walking many kilometers every day at a fast pace, her weight was coming down and her blood pressure dropped significantly.  Before the meetings, she had told her children that she was so sick, they would come and just find her dead one day.  Now she wants to continue to work for God with good health.  She is a literature evangelist.  
In one of the local villages Kori and her students helped a 43 year old lady who was married and the mother of two.  She had been experiencing paralysis in her right arm for 15 years, high blood pressure, and had been using blood pressure medication for two years.  She was unable to wash clothes or cook.  She was taught how to make changes in her diet, to do hydrotherapy treatments three times a day to the arm and to use herbs.  After over a month she could use her arm.   She was now able to wash clothes and cook for her family.  One day she picked something off the floor for the first time in years!  Her blood pressure has returned to normal even though she is no longer taking the blood pressure medication.  Because of the blessings of God with this lady, Kori was also able to help the lady’s mother and sister to get their blood pressures back to normal.  
Kori and workers after a three hour walk arrived at a small fenced mud house in the Bumalainga Village where I met Mama U. lying on the floor in pain with a very strong odor that permeated the air.  She lives with her grandson Baraka who is 15 years old.
The water source is far and because of the elderly woman’s physical weakness earning even a little money is not realistic.
My heart pained as she told that one of her breasts pained her terribly and she didn’t know what to do.  She mentioned that she had absolutely no energy and she was sure that she was very sick.
After taking some food to her, Helman (a Kibidula evangelism student) and I(Kori) put in a garden to ensure that she would have the food needed.  Her grandson promised that he would fetch water and water the garden daily.  The more I looked at her condition the more I was convinced that no matter how much food she received or how much advice she was given her circumstances would not change if we did not intervene.  So I spoke to the health leaders at Kibidula and together we agreed that the best thing for Mama U. would be to come and stay with me at Kibidula so that she could get help and so her recovery would be hastened.  
The next week the Bibi (grandmother in Swahili) came by the motorbike that I sent to receive her and her grandson.  The Bibi got off the motorbike with a grateful heart repeating how thankful she was. As I took the Bibi’s hand to show her to her new living quarters I noticed she was extremely bent over and she was walking barefoot.  I quickly ran to my room to get a pair of shoes for her but her feet were so swollen they did not fit.  
The next morning the swelling in the Bibi’s feet had gone down a little.  The swelling went down just enough to stuff her feet in the shoes.  We went to breakfast at the Evangelism school’s cafeteria.  Bibi and Baraka bashfully walked in as they saw all the students.  
The students kindly welcomed the new, shy guests and brought them food.
Bright and early in the morning the evangelism students had devotions with our guests.
The treatment for the Bibi started right away.  After meals we began walking even though she thought she was too sick to walk. I encouraged her that she could do it.  Cabbage poultices were applied daily to her breast and to her surprise every day it was much better.
Her meals were all plant-based.  She loved the food and expressed how grateful she was.
Initially the Bibi did not easily accept the idea of eating so much garlic and turmeric but she noticed that her pains were decreasing and she was feeling better so she would eagerly make sure she had her medicine(as she would say) at appropriate times.
Water was a part of her new regimen.  The extreme tiredness she experienced was due to lack of water consumption.  Because water was so far and after walking to fetch a bucket of water it would get used for cooking only and drinking water lost its priority.
After one application of hot and cold fomentations to the back and a massage the Bibi’s back began to straighten up.  Every day she looked taller and taller until she wasn’t bent over at all.  The Bibi received hydrotherapy treatments and her grandson received hydrotherapy and massage by male evangelism students who were excited to gain an experience.
It was a blessed three weeks and then the guests returned to their home.  They seem to have received the blessings of heaven leaving with bags of clothing, wholesome foods, the Bibi’s medicine, new friends, healthier bodies and having experienced the love of Jesus from people she met.   
Thank you to everyone that is praying for and supporting this work.  The medical missionary work will go forth until the end.  
Donations specifically for the Medical Missionary Department can be given to the “Medical Missionary Department”, “Wellness Center”, or “Medical Missionary Vehicle Fund.”

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