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Sean & Lisa Michaud

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Dear <<First Name>>,

God is good! The trip to South Africa was great!

Zulu Pastor’s Seminar South Africa

On May 1, 2017, our Zulu pastor friend Patrick and I started a pastor’s seminar and crusade/revival meetings. Patrick had forgotten, but God had him start a new church on May 1, 2016. He was blessed how we had the seminar and meetings on the 1 year anniversary of the start of his new church and that he hadn’t actually planned it that way.
He started that church because the Lord directed him to start a church that would be a teaching center. This came about because he was tired of churches that only entertain people but they still go home with the same problems. He was tired of preachers being actors and only preaching to people’s flesh.

Pastor Patrick Teaching Our Identity in Christ

Thus he organized the seminar because he wanted the Zulu pastors in his area to receive good teaching. He thought that there were only going to be about 10 pastors, but there ended up being between 25-55 people each day for the 5-day seminar.

Pastor’s Seminar in Rural Area
During the afternoons, we had the pastor’s seminar and during the evenings, there were crusade/revival meetings. During this time, we saw many people’s lives touched by the Lord. There were also many healings during the evening services.

Crusade/Revival Meeting
The last revival meeting in which I ministered, different pastors got up and gave testimonies about how the seminar and meetings blessed them. Many commented that they were so blessed that they were taught the Word concerning things that they did not know.
As I mentioned in the last letter, I taught them things concerning Identity in Christ, Healing and the Authority of the Believer. One pastor was so blessed that she said that she was set free while discovering the true and pure Gospel. I thought that was an interesting use of adjectives since I had not used them during my teaching. It is awesome how the heart can be set free and how it knows when it is receiving the pure and true Gospel.
An amazing thing that took place was that there was unity between the different pastors during the time that I was there. Pastor Patrick, who gathered the pastors, kept telling me that it was unusual how all of those pastors showed up and how they were receiving the Word in a positive way. He was amazed at what God was orchestrating.
The pastors were so blessed that they want me to return to teach them more from God’s Word before the end of this year. I don’t know if it will be possible to return that quickly, but we definitely know that we will be returning frequently to teach and minister God’s Word to those hungry hearts. Truly the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few!

Our Girls

 We’d like to share with you some great news concerning our two daughters. First, we need to share some history concerning their new adventure.
When Rachel (our eldest) was 4 years old, she told us that she wanted to play the violin. We were living in Trinidad at the time, so there was no real opportunity for her to begin violin.
After moving to Russia in 2005, Abigail (our middle child) was 7 years old and she told us that God told her that He wanted her to play the piano. I told her that if God said that to her that, then she needs to go into her room and ask the Lord to give her a piano. I didn’t say this because I didn’t want to buy a piano, but I wanted her to see that God provides for His desires for our lives when we agree with them. So she went into her room and came back out in 20 seconds. I asked, “Did you pray and ask God for a piano?” She said, “Yes!” Amazingly, we were offered two pianos in less than a week without us telling anyone of what Abigail told us. We were able to pick the best piano of the two free of charge! Short prayers are usually the ones most full of faith!

Abigail’s Graduation from High School
So with the new piano, we decided that both of them should start with piano lessons and we would have Rachel play the violin later.
When we moved to South Africa, we began private violin lessons for Rachel in 2011. After returning to the USA in 2014, we relocated to Lexington KY in July and around the same time, God brought a violinist all the way from Czech there as well. Rachel had lessons with her for almost 3 years. During this time, Rachel has blossomed and has increased incredibly with her violin.
In Lexington, we also found a great teacher for Abigail and she has excelled at piano. They both also started voice lessons since they love singing. Due to all of this, after going through different auditions, Rachel and Abigail have been accepted at a private Christian university and have received scholarships to study their respective instruments and also for voice. God has blessed our girls in that Rachel has received 100% and Abigail has received 90% in scholarships for tuition. God is good! 

Trip to Trinidad

 On Wednesday, June 28, we began a ministry trip to Trinidad. We’ll be here for 28 days and will be ministering in many churches. For those of you who are newer to this ministry, we used to be missionaries to Trinidad from 2002-2005, pastoring for 3 years working with Lisa’s parents.
So we will be ministering in quite a few churches, some for the very first time during this trip. We believe that God has something in store and that people are going to be blessed and encouraged and set free during the time of ministry.
We look forward to updating you in our next letter with what God does during our trip to Trinidad. We appreciate all of you who responded to our last letter where we asked those we weren’t currently partners to become partners. We still haven’t reached our partnership goal that will enable the ministry to go forward with the desperate need to bring the good news of the Gospel around the world. We believe that this is a great opportunity for you to join in on what God is doing.
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Thank you partners! You are making it possible for Jesus to reach people with the Good News of His Gospel!

                                               Co-Laborers in Christ,
                                               Sean and Lisa Michaud
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