Saturday, February 22nd, Jolanda will be heading out for another Radiant Life Retreat.
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17 Feb 2020


A battery can lose it’s charge so quickly, that’s why it is so good to be recharged with clear steps in the right direction of restoration and healing. Sometimes it’s just simply gaining more insight and getting a better grip on the situation someone is in. During a debriefing retreat, Jolanda gives missionaries tools to do just that.

I think we can all recognize symptoms that show that we need change and healing in some areas of our lives. Identifying the problem or pain and daring to recognize it is essential in the process of "recharging."

Radiant Life

Saturday, February 22nd, Jolanda will be heading out to Orlanda, Florida for another Radiant Life Retreat focused on missionary families, couples and singles. They will be welcoming 7 adult participants and 7 missionary kids for this 10-day debriefing retreat.

The retreat will be held at the YWAM Orlando base. This time around, most of the participants are missionaries serving in The Caribbean and also workers who are on furlough in North America. Pray for the staff team as they prepare for this upcoming retreat. Pray for the participants, that God will be working in their hearts and minds for their time together during the retreat.

A short recap

Excelling Leaders is a (YWAM) ministry of refreshing and equipping for missionaries and missionary families so they can be effective and resilient. As missionaries themselves, with many years of combined experience living overseas they understand the importance of reflecting and connecting with the Father, taking time to hear His perspective on the past and His guidance for the future.

The Radiant Life debrief/wellness Retreat is a 9-day small group debrief and wellness experience for individuals, couples, or families. The Radiant Life Retreat is specifically designed for those who have lived cross-culturally for a year or more.

Jolanda helps as a debriefer during those retreats and is usually gone for two weeks. It is so worthwhile to help missionaries and invest in missionaries in their journey of re-entry or to return to the mission field refreshed and recharged.

A debriefing is a relational process in which the realities of the past and their impact are expressed and understood for the purpose of release, renewal, and moving forward. Effective personal debriefing is, essentially, helping a person tell their story in an environment where they feel fully heard and understood. We, as debriefers use a timeline, also known as a "life path", to help them tell their story.
Radiant Life Retreat is a time of focused reflection and connection with the Father, taking time to hear His perspective on the past and His guidance for the future.
Our Radiant Life Retreat includes age-appropriate sessions for youth and children correlating with the same program in which the parents are participating.

A couple of participants testimonies

After several years overseas, our family returned to the US for a year-long home assignment/furlough. We were depleted in all areas. God led and provided for us to attend a Radiant Life Retreat. We should have done this years ago! The staff, including Jo, loved, cared for, and helped our family so much. We were especially touched with how Jo and others welcomed and cared for our little boys. Our time at the retreat helped us to process some of our experiences, and propelled us forward in our healing. We were also given tools to help us in the future. We were able to return to Germany in a much better place/condition than when we left. Thanks for supporting Jo so that she could help us!
And thanks again for partnering with us by reading our updates, praying for us and by your donations!

Rodney, Jolanda, Lisa and Sarah
In January, Lisa went with her youth group to a high school Winter church camp.
The high school group picture.
Sarah and the girls from her cabin.
Sarah showing off her camp shirt. 20 / 20 Vision Ephesians 1: 18 - 19.
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