November Newsletter:
2023 Status, 
Artist Application Window Open, 
20 years of Fringe at Rubín,
Catania Fringe visit.
(photo by our official Fringe photographer Jack Ollila Lux Praguensis)

Greetings from what has been a very frosty, sub-zero, Prague,

November is always a busy month for the Prague Fringe team and no less so this year straight after our hugely successful October edition. After a variety of on-line Fringes and our Autumn Fringes last November and this September, it seems like a very long time since we all met here in Prague in May, that is all about to change! May 22nd - 27th 2023 is fixed in the diary and despite the struggles at the start of this year we are on our way to deliver an exciting event next spring. We are sticking to the successful 6 day model of the last two years and are planning for some exciting new additions including a new venue.  

The artist application window for our 22nd edition is now open until 15th December full details can be found on our website here. We have already received a number of exciting applications and are looking forward to going through them all in December. 

Read on for more news on the current situation with our fundraising appeal, a special feature on our longest running Fringe venue and a report on a visit to Catania Fringe.

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Steve Gove, Director, Prague Fringe.

Keeping Fringe Alive into 2023 and Beyond,
Current Status - November 2022.

On the 5th of September an appeal was made to help us raise the missing 200,000 Kč (€8,000) from our budget. 

The response so far has been incredible with artists, producers, audience members and friends, old and new, contributing. A reminder of the appeal sent out previsouly can be found pasted at the bottom if this newsletter.

We would like to extend a huge thanks to the more than 20 people, who have so far contributed to our appeal, for their extremely generous donations. The aim is to double that number by the end of the year so now is the time to be part of keeping Prague Fringe alive into 2023 and securing its long term future.

If you would like to be part of securing that Fringe 2023 happens (and you haven't already) please consider becoming a Friend, Best Friend or Fringe Angel.

Friend of the Fringe 2023 2,200 CZK (90 EUR)
Best Friend 2022-2023 5,000 CZK (200 EUR)
Fringe Angel 2022-2023 10,000+ CZK (400+ EUR)

Full details on all of this can be found here

Long Live Prague Fringe.

A Studio Rubín - the longest running Fringe venue and
Prague's original fringe theatre.
Located at Malostranské náměstí 9, A Studio Rubín is the longest running Prague Fringe space, it has been a Fringe venue (for all but one year) since 2003 and we'll celebrate the 20th year there this May coming. The studio theatre is located, in what was for decades a coal cellar and has a rich history.

Studio Rubín has been running as an underground (literally) performance space since 1967 with only a brief break in programming after the Communist regime closed it down. In 1971 a raid took place where some audience members were removed and the next day it was reported on Czech TV that the space was an undercover drug den. Later in the season after yet another raid the theatre was destroyed and a sign put up 'Closed Due to Reconstruction'.  Reopening with red tones to its name, it was allowed to continue and was home to Divadla na okraji (literally Theatre on the Edge/ Fringe) for 17 years.

Facts and Figures
U Trí korun  (At the Three Crowns) which houses A Studio Rubín in the cellar dates from the 1460s and in its early days was a hospital. The current day facade dates from 1883.  

What's does the 'A' stand for? 
Amatérske (amateur) - The 'Amatérske' Studio Rubín ensemble joined professional Divadla na okraji in using the space in 1975 and became the breeding ground for new talent.

20 year Fringe Flashback
These were the first Fringe shows to play in Rubin back in 2003 from 3rd to 8th June - Tuesday's and Sunday's DualMinds, Canada, Scapegoat Wishbone, England, A Life in Her Day Hilary Chaplain, USA, Why Love Shakespeare - William Sutton, Netherlands, That's Me on the Left in the Parka - Robert Karper, England. 

Below (and above) are a selection of photos from productions we hosted there in the last two years Above: Tempus Fugit - Nathan and Ida, England. Sweden, Pass the Hat Hunch Theatre, England. Below: Best Served Cold Acting Out, Ireland, Bacon Pip Utton, England, England, Intolerable Side Effects - Claire Parry, England, The Sensemaker - Woman's Move, Switzerland, Swan Woman - Rebecka Pershagen, Sweden, Playing Maggie - Pip Utton, England.

(all photos by our official Fringe photographer Jack Ollila Lux Praguensis)

Catania Fringe Sicily, 
Prague's new sister Fringe.
Report from Steve Gove,
Prague Fringe Director.
Last month I was lucky enough to have been invited as guest judge at the 1st Catania Fringe. Visiting any new Fringe is always exciting but Sicily had an extra edge of excitement to it. It was late October - the skies were still blue, it was around 28 deg c every day, the food was incredible and the city is possibly one of the edgiest I have ever been to - perfect for Fringe.

Catania is a capital on the fringe of Europe, a city on the fringe of a mediterranean island, a city on the fringe of an active volcano and it hosts dozens of wonderful theatre spaces, down hidden streets, in converted industrial buildings and in the back of cafes. From the more than two dozen shows we saw, judges from all over Europe made selections for their festivals and pledges of support and guidance to winning shows. Look forward to a selection of Italian productions at next years Prague Fringe.

Mille Grazie to Francesca, Renato and all at Catania Fringe for being such fantastic hosts and welcoming me with such wide open Sicilian arms. I will be back. 

Aranchini forever,

Steve Gove, Prague Fringe Director. 

❤️ Achim Weiland ❤️
'Steve it's great here, and you will like it, it's 26 degrees every day and blue skies, lovely people and amazing food. La grande aventura Italiana,
See you when you land. Have a safe trip'

Photos: Teatre del Canavaccio  Open Creative Workspace  Zō Centre for Contemporary Culture
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A reminder of how our fundraising appeal started:

A note from the Director (5.9.2022 newsletter):

It has been in incredibly challenging two years for all of us.

For us here at Prague Fringe too.

Bluntly put, the 21st year of Prague Fringe may well be the last.

We have worked hard over the last two decades to bring a quality, fun event to you which had blossomed into an extremely well attended, globally recognised and highly praised festival both here in the Czech republic as well as across the world. We carried on bravely during the pandemic and created some unique events - the Fringe hug from near and far was palpable.

Our upcoming September Fringe will be an exciting and vibrant one, with a multi award-winning programme we expect sales will be strong. Going forward into 2023 is the challenge. With the loss of a major partner at the start of the year it shook the foundations of the organisation quite significantly.

We are urging our biggest fans (that's you!) to consider becoming Friends, Best Friends, or Fringe Angels to help us keep our Fringe alive and carry forward into 2023.

Best regards and long live Fringe!

Steve Gove

Founder and Director 

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