Co-op News - July 2016
Placerville Food Co-op
535 Placerville Drive, Placerville, CA  95667

Member Appreciation Day is Friday, July 8th!

From the Board

In our search for ways to continue our co-op endeavor a year ago we hired Brad Salmon as our General Manager. Through his co-op contacts he pulled the National Cooperative Grocery store data. We reviewed store data on large co-ops, medium and smaller co-ops similar to ours. Looking at the data it was obvious we were spending too high percentage of income on physical plant (building) and staffing. Brad suggested two steps to insure the profitability and future continuity of our co-op. First, lower the spending on physical plant through negotiating with the landlord or moving. Second, lower employee expenses.  
Brad offered that a store our size could not afford the cost of a GM with his experience.   He suggested he mentor a replacement, thus lowering our GM salary expense while he worked part time training and mentoring a replacement. We have accepted Brad’s resignation as General Manager, and hired in his place long-time Placerville Co-op employee Kyle Schildman. Brad will continue, on a part-time basis, to provide our co-op with necessary accounting services and financial advice. The board thanks Brad for his diligent efforts in the last year to bring us to a visibly more positive position.
At the time Placerville Food Co-op began operating in October 2011, we entered into a five-year lease with the owner of the building at 535 Placerville Drive, where until that time the owner had operated “Noah’s Ark” as a sole proprietorship market. We have entered into intense negotiations with the landlord to give us a reasonable rent we can afford and still be a benefit for our landlord. As of June 1st we thought we had reached verbal agreement with the landlord on revised terms and duration of our lease. However, the owner has just last week said that he is not yet satisfied with our proposal. Until the co-op and the landlord sign an amendment to the lease we lack assurance that we can go forward with operation of the store. We are hopeful that a successful lease amendment will be soon forthcoming.
The Board of Directors also recognizes that our co-op is still perilously under capitalized, and we are asking all of our co-op owners to reflect on how much they value the co-op as an asset to the community. The board believes that there should be a greater willingness among our owners to support the enterprise. One thing that would help is if all of our members would pay up to the $300 full ownership share. We currently have about $150,000 in share capital outstanding. If we can expedite payment of half of this sum in the next few months, it will relieve a good deal of financial stress. Additionally, we believe that at least some of our owners have available financial resources sufficient to consider making a loan to the co-op. We will be reaching out to owners in the next several months with a 2016 Loan Program for you to consider and participate in.
If you know of any community resources that could be of aid to the co-op during this period, we ask that you please contact us.

For the Board of Directors,
John Le Pouvoir, President

From the General Manager

Dear Placerville Food Co-op,
I would like to formally and publicly accept the position of General Manager. I have been an employee of the organization since October of 2012, and during my service here, I have come to feel very comfortable with the idea of managing this business. I would also like to pay homage to Brad Salmon for doing a wonderful job during his time with us. He helped move the co-op toward financial organization and sustainability, and will continue to help in the capacity of an accountant. Moving forward, I am very excited about the opportunity to continue the progression of the business. I have many ideas for the store and look forward to encouraging even more growth throughout this endeavor. I also look forward to interacting with our member base to better serve our community. We have a bright future, and I am very happy to be your General Manager.

Thank You,
Kyle Schildman

Our Member Rewards Program is up and running with close to 75 staple items available to our owner/members at great savings!

Look for these signs throughout the store:

Greetings from the Deli

Greetings from the Deli!
Our team is currently looking to fill two full-time positions, immediately. Candidates should have experience in a commercial kitchen. The right candidate will have a well-rounded knowledge of healthy foods; the ability to follow recipes and cook creatively; must have flexible availability, and must be available to work nights and weekends. 
If you wish to be considered for this position, please send resume or completed employment application to the Deli Manager, Stephanie Lewis. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the available positions.

The Deli Team