Co-op News - AUGUST 2016

Placerville Food Co-op
535 Placerville Drive, Placerville, CA  95667
Member Appreciation Day is Friday, August 12!

Not Moving the Co-op
To the member who recently emailed us suggesting we move to a larger location. We would love to move and get bigger! If only. . .

Finding the right location and size of space is challenging, financing a new store is even more so. 

The experts we have talked with say that our growth projections could support a store half again as large as 535 Placerville Drive. That would mean going from four thousand square feet of retail space to about six thousand square feet. Acquiring and equipping a larger space would require between a half million and a million dollars; new refrigerated cases, shelving, deli and kitchen equipment, cashier stations, signage etc.

Needless to say, we are not in a financial position to make that sizable investment. So it is with some satisfaction that we can report that we have successfully renewed our lease on the Placerville Drive store, and we are looking forward to a continued mutually sustainable relationship with the building owners.

As well, the board is continuing to review and make needed changes to the operations and staffing of our store. In response to customer comments we have removed several persons who were not contributing to a friendly and rewarding shopping experience. We hope that you, our owners, will find the Co-op an altogether more pleasant place to visit.

And remember, we value owner feedback and support. If you see something, say something. If you want to get more involved just let one of your Directors know.

For the Board of Directors,
John Le Pouvoir, President

Greetings from Your Front End Team

We hope you are enjoying your summer, and look forward to seeing your smiling faces in the store really soon!  

With school starting back in a couple of weeks, staff moving, and some inter-departmental movement - we will be accepting applications for both part-time and full-time cashiers.  Please stop by to pick up an application.  

Lorna will be helping to process Special Purchase Orders.  The preferred method of communication is via the Placerville Coop website, or a direct email sent to  If you have placed an order in the past few weeks and have not received a confirmation call - please don't hesitate to contact Lorna.  

Have a great day!
We're hiring!  
Positions available in  
Wellness, Grocery and Cashiering!

~Applications available at the register~
~Resumes helpful~




Hi ya’ll!

This is a new piece of the newsletter that I thought would be fun for the readers and shoppers to get a chance to get to know our local farmers. At the Co-op we believe in the importance of knowing where the food that we consume comes from. Luckily enough for us, our wonderful produce team has been working hard all summer to bring in as many locally grown produce items as possible. This is the first of many featured farms, I hope you enjoy!

24 Carrot Farm was established in May of 2015 by Ben and Kevin. Kevin has been organic farming for 4 years. He became an organic farmer so his family and other people would have access to good quality, clean food for health and healing. Ben has been organic farming for 3 years. Ben got into organic farming to grow healthy food for self, family, and community. He also wanted to be a part of a small business so as not having to rely on industrial food systems; while making an honest living and being a part of the local economy.

24 Carrot Farm is located at 2731 Jacquier Rd in Placerville. Their farmstand is open on Thursday and Friday from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM, and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. You can also find them at the Saturday and Sunday Farmers Markets.


Pictured is Ben and Co-op Produce Manager Nate.

Do you recognize this blooming squash? This is one of the wonderful patty pans that we have in-store, fresh from the farm!

Our Member Rewards Program is up and running with close to 75 staple items available to our owner/members at great savings!

Look for the signs throughout the store:

News from the Deli

We want to welcome back Jesse and Amanda! We've missed you!  We also just got the pizza oven fixed and we will have hot and ready pizza for you.  It's summer and we are ready for it. Look out for some of our summer products such as our watermelon mint juice, hawaiian ham wraps, fruit smoothies and strawberry shortcake. 

See you soon!      

Your Deli Team
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