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We are loking for volunteers to help with the Locavore Dinner and the Rummage Sale. Please contact our volunteer coordinator Janette if you can help! Janette Dodge at

Know of upcoming events where we can share Co-op information or distribute brochures?
Call 530-626-7794 or email if you can help!

Become a Member!
Membership forms are now available at Noah's or by download:
Print out both sides, fill out completely and return with your full or partial membership payment to the address provided on the form. It's that easy to become a member!

We can take donations!  They are not tax-deductible (Co-ops are not "non-profits"), but are essential in these formative days as various legal, printing, and other expenses come in.  Your donation, no matter how small (even $1 helps us buy essentials like printing for surveys and brochures, paper clips, etc) help grow the Co-op. You can call as at 530-626-7794 for more information on Member Loans and Donations to help make your Co-op grow! 

We now accept PayPal payments for memberships or donations to the general fund. Simply log into you PayPal account and 'send' money to:
You can pay in full or make payments!

Spread the Word!
Tell your friends, point them to the website (under construction - see our temporary pages linked below), invite them to our FaceBook page, get them to take the survey, sign them up for membershipThe Co-op is its membership, and that means you!

You can familiarize yourself with the FAQ (frequently asked questions), our history, etc, at our temporary web pages:

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Friends in the area on Facebook?  Belong to a club or organization?  Get together with friends for a party or dinner?  What's more exciting than letting people know about the new Food Co-op, or having someone come to your meeting to share more about the Co-op and answer questions.

WEB PAGES Visit our web site for a few temporary pages with useful information:



Pville Food Coop Online Survey
(Take our Online Survey right in your browser!)

Pville Food Co-op FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pdf format

Pville Food Co-op History

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Placerville Food Co-op Brochure
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Take Our Online Survey!

Click here to take the survey:

It should only take you about 10 or 15 minutes.

Our online prospective member survey is strictly confidential and is an essential tool for us to gather the critical information we need in preparing the Co-op business plan, feasibility study and marketing analysis. The information we collect is strictly confidential and will only be used for assembling aggregate data, other than what you indicate re volunteering, email list, etc, or offering other resources you may indicate in the survey towards creating the Co-op. You may also fill out an abbreviated paper version of the survey available at Noah's or the Cozmic, but the online survey is much more thorough and valuable.

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Latest News from the
Placerville Food Co-op

Dear *|FNAME|*:

It's August already and I am still waiting for those ripe tomatoes!

It has been 6 weeks since our last update, but remember you can always check out our Facebook "Placerville Food Coop" for short and current updates or follow us on Twitter - "Pville Food Coop".

Membership News

We have 43 fully paid Co-op members and 56 members who have made partial payment. We now have a total of 99 Co-op members! We are sure to sign up our hundredth member this weekend! Hurray! and thanks to everyone who has already become a member.

Since we have met our initial goal it is time to play NAME THE CO-OP! If you are a member we will be sending you a ballot this week. It is important that we have a final name when we file for incorporation, which is happening momentarily. More on that later.


It is not too late to sign up and cast your vote in the Name the Co-op campaign!
Pick up at membership form at Noah's or click on the link below to download a membership form:
Pville Food Co-op Membership Form

You can drop your completed form & payment at:
Noah's Ark Natural Foods
535 Placerville Drive

Or mail your membership to our new mailing address at:
Placerville Food Co-op Organizing Group
619 Canal Street
Placerville,CA 95667



Rummage for the Co-op - Saturday, September 11th at 2900 Cold Springs Rd. 8am to 3pm (across from the DMV behind Noah's). Your donations will be used to fund general expenses for the Co-op. Small items may be dropped by Noah's Ark, larger items may be brought on the morning of the sale to the location of the sale or dropped by Melisa's house (874 Green Street, Placerville) to be delivered on the morning of the sale. To drop off large items for for more information, call Melisa at 530-626-7794. Tell all of your friends to stop by! This event was successful in May, netting about $475.00. Support this event by donating your unwanted, gently used items.

Locavore Dinner:
September 25th, 2010 6:00-10:00 Save this Date!
This event will be held at the Motherlode Lions Club on Missouri Flat Rd. in Diamond Springs and will feature a menu solely consisting of locally produced food. There will also be a silent auction and a raffle. If you are a business owner and a supporter of The Placerville Food Co-op and would like to make a donation to this event please contact us at

Cans for the Co-op- Bring your "CA CRV redemption" (California Redemption Value) recyclables (most often plastic, glass or aluminum bottled or canned water, soda, drinks, or small juice bottles) to Noah's Ark. Please do not bring wine bottles, aluminum foil, tin cans or non crv plastic as we do not have a way to recycle these items. Also please rinse your glass and plastic recyclables and remove the lids as this has become a time consuming and messy part of the process for our volunteers. Leave them in the side yard by the dumpsters, and our volunteer will recycle them for cash. Cans for the co-op is currently netting about $70.00/mo. Only a very few people are participating so there is still untapped potential on this project. Don't be shy!


Change for the Co-op - Just drop your change in the canister  at the register at Noah's. If you own a business and would be willing to have a "Change for the Co-op" cannister in your store please let Melisa know and she will deliver one.

New Fundraising Projects

We are currently working on one new fundraising projects. If you want to get involved contact our new volunteer coordinator Janette Dodge at

Benefit Concert: Jorden Mingle is working on putting together an afternoon and evening of musical magic. We'll keep you posted as details become available.



The Treasurer reported we have $ 674.00.00 in our general fund and$14,000.00 in our Membership fund.

Legal Committee has submitted the bylaws and they are under review by our lawyer.  Our goal is to file our Articles of Incorporation and bylaws with the State of California in August. This has been a longer process than we anticipated. Kudo's to our dedicated and tireless legal committee!

Finance Committee continues to work with lending institutions. This too has had some bumps and hurdles as there have not been any food co-operatives formed since the 1980's and banks are not familiar with the co-op model of ownwership. We continue to educate and spread the message and vision of co-ops!


Melisa Clark, General Manager at Noah's Ark and Steering Committee member, will be hosting an informational meeting upstairs at Noah's Ark every second Saturday of the month between 4:00 - 6:00pm. This is the place to come if you have questions or if you want to get involved in the Co-op. Next meeting is August 14, 2010, that's tomorrow!
Our second meeting, on July 19th, was attended by about 20 people, six of whom became members before they left!

The next Steering Committee meeting is Monday August 16th.  If you are a fully or partially paid member of the Placerville Food Co-op and would like to attend the next Steering Committee meeting, please contact Melisa and let her know.


We are sad to report that Kelly Hodgkin has resigned from the Steering Committee because of other commitments.

We deeply appreciate her work on behalf of the Placerville Food Co-op project over this past year and a half, especially her help on the finance committe.


Visit our web pages are at:

Our email address is:
Other resources and links are listed in the column to the left. 

Thanks everyone for your support! 

Melisa Clark - Placerville Food Co-op Steering Committee.

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