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Gleanings Holiday Issue - 2012
News & Notes from your Co-op

Wishing you and your loved ones
a very warm and wonderful holiday season
and a Happy New Year!


As we reach the end of 2012, we thank all of you, our Co-op owner/members and friends, for the wonderful increase in the size of our Co-op family this year. 680 and counting! We look forward to sharing 2013 with all of you.  

We are preparing many new activities at the Co-op in this coming year, including our new Bulk Buying Program, continued expansion of the High5 Discount Program, new classes, films and educational programs, new web site, special member and grower events, new in-store items and services, and many more member-initiated activities.

Your Co-op couldn't have made it this far without each and every one of you. We will grow and expand our efforts even further with the participation and help of all of you.

Now is a good time to start thinking about those sometimes hard to keep New Year's resolutions.  Here's one to add to your list: 

"I will try to shop and participate regularly in my Placerville Natural Foods Co-op and its programs."

Congratulations to all for a great 2012, and best wishes for even more success to all our Co-op friends and family in 2013.

New Bulk Buying Program for Members & Non-members!
Photo by Daniel Penney

Beginning in January, the Co-op will be ordering a pallet of selected product (January's is Organic Whole Yellow Corn #25) and through pre-paid sign-up, offer that product at 10% over the per pound pallet price.  This is a huge savings!

Each month we will order a pallet and pass along the savings to you. Finding bulk organic food staples can be complicated and expensive when trying to buy alone. We've found some excellent organic staples and as a Co-op we can use our buying power to get a great deal.

So how can you participate? Each interested person, Co-op member or not, will place their order at the Placerville Natural Foods Co-op or with a Bulk Buying Organizer. You can also email Lisa Stark Hughes at lisa@swish4fish.com to place your order or to find a Bulk Buying Organizer near you. 

Each month we will have one featured item. It must be purchased by the bag (not the pound), and you must pay for your order in advance.  The Monday before the last Friday of each month the PNFC will place your order if we have obtained enough orders to purchase a pallet. Your order must be picked up on the last Friday of each month during regular PNFC business hours. 

January Bulk Item - Organic Whole Yellow Corn #25     price: $20.66    Bags per pallet: 80


Would you like to be a Bulk Buying Organizer? Have more questions? Please contact Lisa Stark Hughes for more information at lisa@swish4fish.com or call her at 530-391-7544.

Co-op Grower's Meeting
January 15th, 7pm
Upstairs at the Co-op

Are you growing food for the Co-op, or wish you could? This is a great opportunity to connect with Co-op Produce Buyer Jessa Greiwe and get to know the Co-op's buying policies and needs for the coming year.  Find out what really sells, meet other growers, and get all your questions answered.
RSVP Jessa at 530-621-3663 or jessagree@yahoo.com

High5 Facebook Page Expands 


* Is hormone disruptor BPA in your canned goods?

* How much whole wheat is in your whole wheat bread?

* Is your olive oil 100% olive oil?

The new and improved High5 and Best of Bits & Bites Facebook Page will help you answer those and other important food questions.

The food industry is one of the most secretive industries we have.  But there are a number of positive changes you can make that affect your health - some are easy, some difficult and some impossible. But if you are to make meaningful choices, you need to be informed. Visit our revamped and evolving High5Picks and Best of Bits & Bites Facebook page.  Of course we will continue to have recipes, fun kitchen tips, cheery newsbytes and our weekly Trivia question, but it will also provide you with information that can affect the choices you make when shopping.

Want to get involved with the High5 Program or Best of Bits & Bites?  Contact Chris Smith at bestbitsbites@gmail.com.

Tips for a Healthy Gut and
5 Home Remedies from Your Kitchen Cabinet

Sunday, January 27th, 6pm at the Co-op

Is getting healthy one of your new year's resolutions?  Join Dr. Aguilera-Ruiz as she discusses the importance of intestinal health and gives practical tips on how to make easy healing remedies at home with items already on your shelves. Dr. Aguilera-Ruiz received her degree at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.  She is passionate about nutrition and preparing tasty food that creates long term wellness.  Her private practice is in Placerville, CA at The Smith Flat House where she works with people to seek out and remove the root cause of disease on the path to improved health and vitality. 


RSVP at 530-350-6710 or email aaruiz.nd@gmail.com

As good as Mom & Apple Pie...
Did you know the Co-op's hardworking Deli crew will custom-make an organic Apple Pie for you?  They can also prepare any regular Deli dishes made-to-order for your next event or dinner.

Call the Co-op at 530-621-3663 and ask for Eric in the Deli for pricing and more info.
And there's no better time then now to volunteer at your Co-op.

What can you do?
The Co-op needs the following people with the following skills:

* Plumber to fix our sink
* Carpenter to build a recipe rack
* Sign maker to help make beautiful in-store signage
* Muralists and graphic artists (we have some ideas for you)
* Photoshop and Design/Layout artists for help with store brochures, web site graphics, etc.

* And a host of other ways you can contribute to your Co-op, whether you have particular "skills" or not, including brochure stuffing, in-store tabling, driving errands, etc.

Contact Shirley Woods, our Volunteer Coordinator at 530-620-3229 or email her at shirleyjwoods@gmail.com  and let her know what you can do to help build your Co-op. Together...WE CAN DO IT!
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