Co-op News April 2016
Spring in the Air
by Brad Salmon
            No, I’m not suggesting a leap skyward rather we’re approaching the very exciting time of year when local farmers begin to bring us their delicious fresh produce.  We already have organic cilantro from Somerset Farms, along with sprouts and carrots from Mama Earth Farm plus we continue to have a supply of awesome organic grapefruit, lemons, & navel oranges from Pine Hill.  Soon our produce department will be your everyday farmer’s market for access to fresh local fruits & vegetables.  I am reminded of a study published in Cooperative Grocer magazine in 2012 that quantifies the economic impact of consumers shopping at a co-op as opposed to a conventional grocery store.  “Economists measure the impact a business has on its community by calculating its “multiplier effect. “This is a number that represents how much money is recirculated/generated in the local economy for every dollar spent by the business and is based on the amount of money spent on locally paid wages and on local goods and services. Food co-ops have an economic multiplier of 1.6, and conventional stores 1.36. For a consumer, this means for every $1,000 spent at a local food co-op, he/she is generating $1,604 in economic activity locally; $239 more than if that $1,000 were spent at a conventional grocery store. “

Here is a link to the complete article.
Co-op Grocer article
Thank you to the members who have responded to my previous newsletter articles that encouraged members to increase your purchasing and to keep current with your equity payments.  Your continued support of the Placerville Food Co-op helps us to continue supporting our local farmers & producers, and also to provide jobs to 28 employees.  During the month of March, we were contacted by 8 different local groups requesting donations in support of their fundraising activities and we were able to provide each of them with gift cards, yet another way your cooperative participates in our local economy.   The co-op is truly unique in El Dorado county but I think that there are many residents who are unaware of us and we need their support.  Help us to spread the word about this community owned grocery store!
From the Board
April, 2016
The Co-op continues to make progress toward long term stability. Our General Manager has found ways to grow our sales within the constraints of the tight financial situation and space available in the store. If you have not shopped the Co-op recently you should stop by and take in the increased product lines, and look for the member only special prices on many items.
The board has successfully recruited a candidate to fill our one vacancy, and Justin Abramson will be confirmed as our seventh director at the March meeting.
The board is drafting the documents necessary to allow our Co-op to issue preferred stock; these shares, which carry no voting right, will be available later this year and they will offer our members the opportunity to invest in the Co-op and earn a return rate better than banks will pay. Watch for more details about this offering including the minimum investment and terms, to be announced later this year.
As always, we welcome all members to become involved in Co-op governance. You are welcome, and encouraged, to attend our board meetings, generally held on the last Monday of the month.
Right to Know or No?

There is a lot of money being spent in states with pending GMO labeling initiatives.  Here is a link to the Cornucopia website that shows who is spending money to lobby support for or against these various measures.  Be sure to click on the .pdf format options below the charts to see the actual dollars being spent.
Shower Gardening  - From the Huffington Post, a UK Company manufactures an aduki bean massage soap bar called Wiccy Magic Muscles Bar.  Not intended for use in the shower as the beans will fall into the drain and sprout.  

Says Lush ethics director Hilary Jones.  “At Lush we love a refreshing shower and a healthy salad, but we agree that it’s probably best to keep the two separate,” she said in a statement. “For a shower free of sprouted Adzuki beans we suggest using your massage bar either before or after going into the shower.”
Know Your Mayo GMO's
by Ruthie Loeffelbein
What a pleasant surprise early in March, to see our Co-op's mayonaise praised in  a “scorecard” from the GMOiNSiDE Coalition of GreenAmerica.

    GOMiNSiDE researched and rated several brands of mayo as to whether they are verifiably vegan, organic, and non-GMO.  The highest-scoring mayonaise?  Organic Vegenaise!  It's right there in  the refrigerator case – has been ever since Placerville Food Co-op opened!  It's my mayonaise, and the yummiest ever!

    There are some other mayos that scored nearly as high – and are not to be ignored.  But PFC stocks the very best!

    To see the scorecard, go to:
Greetings from the Deli!

We have a new chef on our team, Brandon. He’s cooking up many new and tasty meals for our daily hot-food menus.  Our daily, themed menu will remain the same, but there will be more delicious options to choose from. We are expanding our “take and bake” options from the deli cooler, as well.  In order to provide new menu options, while maintaining our commitment to using the highest quality ingredients, we will be increasing the price of our hot-food from $7.99/lb to $8.99/lb.  

Thank you,
Your friendly Deli Team
What’s new in the Front End….
Last month we put out the call for applicants to join our PNFC family, and I am happy to report that we have hired three wonderful people as cashiers.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to do so already please say hello to Lindsey, Danielle, and Carly the next time you come in. 
We appreciate your membership at the Co-Op and remind you that we are a full service grocery store committed to offering the highest quality products.  Let your friends and family know how much you enjoy shopping here, and encourage them to join us.  We are very excited to be offering everyday low prices on many items in our Member Rewards Program throughout the entire store. 
Looking forward to seeing you, Lorna

With gratitude, Lorna
Produce Notes

Hi, I'm Nathan Del Grande, your new Placerville Food Co-op produce manager. I've been shopping at Natural food stores since the '90s. Before that, as a young man I worked with my grandfather for Del Grande produce in the Bay Area. He was a lettuce farmer, which taught me a thing or two about produce. I am very excited to continue to bring to the community the highest quality, organic produce product. Spring is upon us and I look forward to creating relationships with local farmers and bringing in choice, local produce. I have been invited to participate in the Farmer's Guild meetings to have a fuller understanding of the goings-on in the local farming community. Keep in mind that shopping at the Co-op helps the local community, as we continue to bring you the best organic produce.

Sincerely, Nathan and your produce team


We are planning this year's Farm to Table Dinner and need your help!

We can use your help with:  menu planning, sponsors, donations, volunteering at the event, promotion, social media, etc. 

Contact Twyla @ 
916-521-4569 (call or text) or email at:
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