Vote "NO!" on T-SPLOST
Shane, we would like to cordially invite you to attend this month's meetup of the Dekalb Libertarian Party at 7:00 on Tuesday, June 19th at The Famous Pub in Druid Hills. We will  discuss the Transportation Special Local Option Sales Tax and why we as dutiful citizens of Dekalb county should campaign against this wasteful and unwarranted tax increase, despite the unwavering support it seems to have in our local media from those who would directly benefit financially from the tax. Come to discuss this issue as well as Atlanta traffic and transportation in general, while enjoying good food and drink at the Famous Pub.

The "Transportation Leadership Coalition" is trying to find someone who can come speak to us and provide lots of ammunition for us in discussing this topic with coworkers, neighbors and friends.  We are buying 25 "Vote NO" yard signs at $4 each, which we will pass on to anyone who comes to the meeting and donates at least $4 to the affiliate. 

Come to provide valuable input as well on the various candidates running for DeKalb offices in the July 31st elections.

Michael Rothenberg for Dekalb Superior Court Judge

A sound and responsible advocate for civil liberty, we support Michael's run and urge you to do the same! Find out how you can help out at our upcoming meeting. Try Michael's site for more info on how you can help advance the libertarian cause in our local judicial system.

U.S Census Bureau's "American Community Survey"

At our June 19th meeting we will tell you how you can avoid this blatant abuse of constitutional power by the federal government to pry into the personal and confidential information of it's citizenry and their families, all while disguising and sugarcoating the abuse with bureaucratic buzzwords and claiming the survey will help them "decide where new schools, hospitals, and fire stations are needed."

May Meeting Follow-up

Last month's topic, "The Tuskegee Syphilis Study" was interesting and informative. Dr. Printz explained the stages of the disease and gave us the history of syphilis treatment methods. He explained why the study was "needed" and why Tuskegee was chosen. Many of us were surprised to learn that Syphilis affects black men differently than white men.  After reviewing the history of the experiment and his involvement in it (he was quoted as calling it "genocide", and his boss at CDC backed him up on that), Dr. Printz asked us questions that opened up a discussion about how libertarian philosophy helps us solve ethical dilemmas in the aftermath of such government fiascos.

Discover magazine author and former Omni magazine author Sherry Baker attended and brought a list of many other occasions in which the government has unethically experimented on US citizens, usually minorities and prisoners.  She mentioned in particular a
biological dispersion experiment in San Francisco that may have been responsible for a spike in hospital visits for pneumonia and influenza and for one death. There was discussion about the ethics of GMO foods. There was mention of possible chemicals in airplane "contrails" (condensation trails), of using thoughts to control replacement limbs and/or robots, of Transhumanism, and more. After the "formal" meeting was adjourned, people stayed much longer discussing their areas of interest in smaller groups.

Gary Johnson Interview

Jason Riddle, co-host of "Butler on Business", was at the meeting as well. He alerted us that he would be interviewing Gary Johnson, our Libertarian presidential candidate, on Thursday's show (5/17/12). For those of you that missed it, that interview can be heard here. Jason and Alan promote Libertarian ideas on their radio show, which can be heard Monday through Friday mornings 10-12 on AM 1190 (as well as on podcast).

Summer Intern!

We are so pleased to have a young volunteer for the summer!  Daniel Hanfelt is a 17-year old who wanted to use his free time this summer volunteering for the party.  Much of this e-mail was written by him with very little prompting, and he has produced a top-notch announcement flyer for the meeting which he plans to post in strategic areas around the county.  If you want the announcement file so you can distribute the flyer/poster too, please let me know.

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