Ava brings us her sheer lace babydoll and skirt

What 14 different bras look like on the same person, from cupless to bralets!

Sometime I can be a bit slow on the uptake. I only realised last week that Danielle, who designs our corsets and runs Ava Corsetry, had stock of her lovely lace babydoll and skirt (or slip and half-slip, depending on how vintage you are), which we've all been oohing and aahing about since last Summers trade shows. Still, this means it's exciting and new and in stock right now!

I also added some new styles from Fiore's stocking ranges and restocked on their seamed styles; apparently later today I need to check exactly what shade of red they use!

When we introduced Nearer The Moon as our pop-up brand, I was inundated with questions about what the point of cupless and quarter cup bras was, especially for anyone over a B cup, if they actually made a difference, and so on. Well, I couldn't think of any way to show you without . . . showing you.  So this weekend we did 14 bra styles on the same person, from cupless to bralets. This seemed like a good idea until I discovered that it is actually possible to look at too many pictures of boobs, at least if you're me,  so please let me know - is this useful?

If it is, I shall attempt to do it more professionally and comprehensively (but still without photoshop!). And I might even explain the owl :)

Also, it's your last chance to order from Nearer The Moon; after which we will only have the Sirena in for those who like 1/4 cups, though I notice that Playful Promises have just introduced a more obvious one - up to an F!

Are you in Germany and Deadly? We have some news from Doppel-D.
Das in Berlin gelegene Geschäft Doppel D hat sich entschieden, einige seiner besten Kundinnen in wundervollen Dessous in einem Online-Adventskalender zu präsentieren. Kundinnen unterschiedlichen Alters mit verschiedenen Körperformen und –größen wurden ausgewählt, um zu einem Fotoshooting zu kommen und daran teilzunehmen.


In other news:

Viktoria Modesta, who modelled for us a few years ago, has a new music video out, and it is AMAZING. Her music might not be to everyone's taste, but it's being pitched as an alternative to X-factor's bland conformity as part of Channel 4's series about people with disabilities, and I suspect most of you will appreciate the visual creativity and the message. Especially the spikiness :)
Dita Von Teese has a gorgeous collaboration with Christian Louboutin selling through Glamuse. It's so good, but it's also printed silk which makes it distinctly luxury pricing. I'm thinking I might stick with our Jacquotte and Tempest instead? :)
If you're looking for a lingerie stocking filler without sizing drama, this pin-up calender by the Royal Marines Wives and Girlfriends could be good - and yes, it does involve KMD lingerie.
For all our wonderful stats nerds, and anyone interested in knowing more about how web retailers tweak sales; Adore Me have revealed the results of their A/B testing on images (turns out blondes are out, but couches are good). This is mostly interesting for the methodology, and because no-one has yet pointed out that they didn't start with a very wide range of imagery; A/B testing is really powerful for small incremental developments. I wish we did it, but we won't be dropping either blondes or swords!


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