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Sept - Oct - Nov 2016


Because I was making several changes to my business this year, I cut back to sending only one newsletter per quarter. This will be the last for 2016. 

If you've been with me for a while, reading my blogs and newsletter articles, you might know that this is the time of year when I start reflecting on what was accomplished this past year and start working on my goals for next year. 

You might be asking; why bother reviewing what happened this past year? 
You might be thinking; I don't want to see -how much- I didn't accomplish. 
STOP thinking that right now; it's negative. It doesn't matter whether you accomplished a lot or a little. 
Consider this; it is likely that the endeavors, goals, and plans you did complete were the ones that needed to be completed. 
You can set guidelines. Often times, you must re-evaluate as you go. Your goals and vision should NEVER be static. They should ebb and flow, shrink and expand with what's going on in your life, what's going on in your business world, and what's going on in the world around you. It's much like me temporarily taking my newsletter from monthly to quarterly.
Here is another great example of why writing down your goals and then reviewing them is important.
A current coaching client, Becky had been with me for 3 months. She was frustrated, feeling that her business wasn't advancing as she wanted. I could hear it in her voice as we sat down to that day's sessions. We talked for a few minutes, or rather I let her talk, and then I looked at her and asked: "Becky, it sounds like you are frustrated with the way things are going. How about we review the last 3 months and see what has happened?" 
Over the next 20 minutes, I went back through the notes we had jotted down in her online private client log. When we were done, she looked at me with amazement. She indeed had been advancing her business, and it reflected in the writing and reviewing of her goals, actions, plans, and successes.
Yes, I helped her to get to this point. Yet much of this can be done through careful planning and meticulous accountability. I have found that out the hard way - this coach has a coach to keep her on track.
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The Blogs

Using Habitica for Business to Change Habits

Increase the odds of changing old behaviors by using Habitica. In business, setting good goals is the best plan of action, but often you have to change old habits first to do that. Let Habitica assist you with this.

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The Interesting and Valuable

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Who am I reading and listening to right now?

I'm currently updating my sales technique. Jeremy Miner is doing it right in this day and age. His 21-days Sales Challenge is a set of 21 videos for changing your mindset on sales.

Here are a couple of links
Interview of Jeremy Miner on Weird Entrepreneur
7 Figure Sales Training
What websites do I read regularly:

Hubspot is one of my go-to websites for Marketing and Sales

This is the 3rd mention of Hubspot in my newsletters. Why? Because they are doing so many things right.

Even leaders find others to learn from and mimic. Indeed, why try to reinvent the wheel if there is an authority in your field to follow?
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