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August 2016

Sail on a silver wings of fire,
sailing dreams beyond the silver moon.
In silver clouds that fly so high,
live the dreams you search,
but can't find.
- Journey, Day Dream

I am a Daydreamer. Are you a daydreamer?

Why daydream?

Is daydreaming important for a business owner?

Kids, daydream without any judgement. Anything is possible and everything can be accomplished. As adults we need a little of that innocence that children have, when it comes to daydreams.  Why? Dreaming during the day is good for you. Check out these 5 Ways Daydreaming is good for you. 

As a business owner, I find having daydreams help me to expand and grow my business. Late last year, my daydreams became focused on just that, growing and expanding my business. I didn't know what the looked like immediately.  Yet, the picture slowly materialized, where I brought it into the real world for more practical development.

In the same time period, I began daydreaming of turning my expertises towards a coach and consulting business and I wanted to be official.  Finally, I made the decision to advance my education by getting my Marketing Coach and Consulting Certification.

It's an intensive teleconferencing course, 2x a week for 8 consecutive weeks. At the end of it I will be on my way to getting accredited by the International Coach Federation to earn ACC. Further I will be adding on Marketing Coach study to earn that certification through the World Coaching Institute.

Constantly increasing my knowledge, has always been important to me and indeed, I'm excited to be taking this next step. I have always pushed myself to keep stepping out of the box. Getting out of my comfort zone means I am growing myself and my business.

What are you dreaming about? Is it scary? Are you having to step out of your comfort zone? Need assistance with taking that step?
I'm ready to book a complimentary session
The poem above is from my ALL-TIME Favorite band, Journey - ala Steve Perry era.  The song, Day Dream is from the Evolution album, cut way back in April, 1979. Sigh I am showing my age.. I remember this coming out. You might be more familiar with the more popular song from that album*,  Lovin', Touchin' & Squeezin.

*yes we called them albums then

Listen to 'Day Dream' on Spotify - Spotify is free to use on one device.
Sail on a silver wings of fire,
sailing dreams beyond the silver moon. I
n silver clouds that fly so high,
live the dreams you search,
but can't find.
- Journey, Day Dream

Check out my past blogs.   See you next month.
What's New on Custom Growth Group:
I am so excited that these two web pages have gone live on my website.


Ta Da!

Real Life Stories - here I highlight what my clients are experiencing before they hire me.

What I do, my services page - largely this page is finished, most design is left to do. Check out one of my 2 slideshare or just read through content posted on this page.
The Blogs

Habitica for Business - Getting Started Guide

Found this great app that helps me stay focused, therefore helps me grow my business.

It takes what you want to change and turn it into a game. Setting up habits to change, dailies to accomplish and that never ending to-do list.


Reinvent the wheel: Recycling To-Do lists

When Habitica becoming my new app for my to-do list, I wanted to revisit this blog.

Regardlessly, I am still using many of the tools mentioned in this blog. 

The Interesting and Valuable
We love our emoji's!

This set of emoji's can be used by several product's I have reviewed or mentioned in previous newsletters & blogs.

Habitica - See blog mentioned above 
Slack - Messaging app for teams
Trello - Organizational tool for projects/teams
Discord - Voice and text messaging. This is targeted to gamers, but I can see other industries using this.

I wanted to look at apps, products, books
that have stood the test of time:

1. TripLog -  Travel mileage for personal or teams. I have talked about this one before. It is standing the test of time, 6 years and counting
2. SendOutCards - If you known me for awhile, the SendOutCard product is how i got my start and 8 years later it is still one of my business staples.
3. Roboform - Password Manager Wow, I'm afraid to tell you how long I have been using this product. It has been over 20 years.

Well that is it for today. There were several others I've been using for a long time, but that is for another newsletter or blog.

See you next month!!
Vendor & Sponsorship Opportunities

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Over 100+ event in the Mid-South areas.

The One Stop Business Events List for vendors & sponsors is going to go live shortly. 
Drop me an email, if you are interested an email with upcoming details.

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*Some affiliate links are used in this blog. What that means, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission from purchases you may make. Disclosure Page.
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