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February 2016

Have you ever had to make lemonade from lemons? I'm sure you've been in that situation, whether it was in your personal life or in your business arena.

And indeed my husband, Robert and I faced that on our BIG 30th Anniversary trip we embarked on at the end of Jan, 2106. It was a race down to the wire, getting everything into place. Were we going to make it? Would it be as exciting as we imagined?

Some semblance of order in my business and personal life was needed before I left on our 2 1/2 week journey. As it came down to the wire, my focus narrowed and closed in on that fantastic trip we were planning. WE WERE EXCITED!!

Everything seemed to be going off without a hitch. A little burp with our passports, smoothed out quite nicely. In addition, assembling our specialized wardrobe for the trip fell into place. And all of the odds and ends... well they just didn't seem to be a problem. Lot of this was due to the great help and advice, my travel agent, Joan Folloman - CruisePlanners were able to garner for us. I probably was the least stressed heading into a trip, then I've ever been. 

Our trip started early-mid morning, with a noon flight, after 20+ hours of travel, we landed in Bergen, Norway mid morning. As we exited the terminal, it was raining... we didn't realize that was a foreshadowing of the entire time we were in Norway.  

Immediately we meet two women that were heading out on another one of the cruise ships. One was from England the other from France. Indeed we meet people from all over the world - from the Orient to the Americas.

The bus picked us and all our luggage up. I was beginning to suspect, that again I had over packed. There were so many things that were recommended to have. Multiple layers of clothing, parkas, rain jackets, cleats, plus all the normal personal stuff shampoo, skin care. We were told not to expect to buy anything while here.. bring anything you think you might need... so I packed every imaginable medicine and prescriptions. And NO, I didn't pack the Kitchen Sink.....

We were dropped off at a Clarion hotel, which looked like a very cool boutique hotel. Yeah, that is a thing. We had dinner that night in the hotel restaurant looking out over the harbor, at the historic district.

We went to bed that night, anticipating boarding our ship for this great adventure. In the middle of the night, I received a text saying our ship was delayed. In my mind, I was groaning, Nooooo. We were told catch a cab that the cruise line was putting us up in another hotel with the rest of the group.

Late the 2nd day they gathered us and let us know that the ship had been sent to Germany to get new engines and the storm going on was affecting the return of the ship. Plus the engineers were so sick (from the storm) they were unable to perform the test needed. In my, mind I was yelling, Nooooo. We got checked in and headed to bed.

The next day the rumblings began. It was Day 2 and the ship wasn't there yet and we were hearing the cruise was going to be canceled. In my mind, I was yelling, NOooooo!

We were giving the options of going home or opt for one of the cruises leaving in a day or two. When we found out the other cruises were on their oldest ships and we would be in an inside cabin, it wasn't what we signed up for. We had booked a suite on one of their newest ships and I didn't want to sacrifice. Which meant flying home. The thought of returning straight home was not sitting with me well.

In my mind, NOOOOO!!!... I didn't want to go straight home... I had been looking forward to this time.

After some discussion with Robert, we decided to ask about flying out later in the week. They agreed and we booked an apartment in the historic district of Bergen and hung out for several relaxing days.

Well, there is more to the story, but the moral of the story was take your lemons mix them into a tall cool preferable alcoholic lemonade. At the end of the trip, all in all we felt we made the best of the situation. 

Image Credits:
Lemons Lemonade via photopin (license)
Rainy Bergen Rainy Day via photopin (license)
Historic Bergen The Waterfront via photopin (license)

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