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January 2014 Blog and News
Happy New Year!  New beginnings, mean the chance to make changes.  
I am trying out a slightly different format for my blog newsletter.  I'm dropping most of the photos from the email newsletter and streamlining it more.  What do you think?  Is this better?  Did you prefer the other?  Post your comments here.

My overall goal for this year is to Embrace Change.  However it may come, for however long it maybe and in whatever form it takes.  Keeping my mind open to the possibilities.

Below are the blogs for both Nov & Dec. 

You can check out any of my past blogs.   See you next month.
Blogs, news, recommendations and other stuff

Blogs for
November 2013

1st blog of the month was the 3rd in my 6 part series based on the Go-Giver.  It was done interview style. 'Business Success:  Dr. Kirk Price - Serving the Community'.

2nd blog of the month was another webinar for the Holidays, 'DIY Holiday Photo Ornament How-to Webinar'.  This video shows you the SendOutCard PhotoStore and editor, where you can create imaginative gifts and personal mementos.

Blogs for
December 2013

December brought only one blog, but what a blog.  Thanks to my 2nd guest author and a dear friend of mine, Wyvonia Woods Harris.  Check out her blog and how to follow her.  Her blog was the 4th in the 6 part series based on the book 'The Go-Giver'.  'The Authenticity of Being Joyful'.

Other News

I am one of the featured speakers May 10th, 2014 with HerGroove 2014, 'I See Your Groove Celebration' at the Landers Center. This is brought to you by Maricia Sherman, HerGroove. Check out Maricia at a live event. She is one of the strongest, most passionate women I've meet.

I have several private workshops on tap this year with business organizations.  I am looking for more speaking engagements.  My fee to speak at your business or event is affordable.

A new design tool

I am always looking for that next big thing.  Just found this tool and it looks amazing.  Check out Canvu.

Create images, rich in designs for multiple formats.  Once done you can share to social media or use in your Wordpress website.

Great email newsletter

Check out Blogger, Amy Lynn Andrews. She is hands down one of my favorite bloggers. Sign up for her email newsletter, called The Useletter at her website - my favorite way to keep up with her.   Her emails go into my Must-Read Folder.

Best online and offline music program

Couple of years ago I purchased a lot of CDs.  To keep up with the digital streaming and looking for a way to store my music, I came across Spotify.  With a free version or low as $10 a month I get all the new and old music I want.  A great move.   Click here to find out more.
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