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The Journey to a goal, is as relative as accomplishing the goal.


Recently in a conversation with a friend. I asked her, ‘Does your family have any fun plans after your kiddo’s are out of school?’ She said that the kiddies were excited about summer. You remember that excitement? The exuberance of childhood, playing outside until late and coming home flushed, grubby with not a care in the world.


This reflection had me wondering. As an adult, when and where are those times. When feelings of exuberance happen and that not having a care in the world. If you are like me, there are many, many irons in the fire and wear tons of hats. Yes, I could just point to the times my family vacationed. Yet, I ponder, what other areas would this exuberance for life appear? Where in my day to day can I find that child-like wonder.


What was it about childhood that was so evocative. Children do not rush to the end. They stay in the moment, reveling in the journey. Immediately I got that. For me, the journey has always been necessary. Whether ‘in the moment’, in a project or to the end of days, living life is relative to the journey.

Time and time again this thought has popped up in my life. The not rushing to the end. There are several times and places in my life this was apparent.


My brother introduced me to one of my favorite pastimes, Wizard & Warrior type of online adventure games. In the 90’s he finally convinced me get online with him and at times other members of the family played with us. My family had twice a week rituals of getting online with whatever toons (definition of toon, Lol reading all of them) that we were currently playing. Spending several hours bonding, while playing together. For us, the end results of the game was not our goal. The journey and the story were what was relevant for us. Check out a story I wrote several years ago. It’s a compilation of times playing together. My brother and I played together until he passed away. Even though, I still play and get a kick out of the adventure, the journey is not the same without him. Often I find myself thinking, ‘Oh! Duane, Check this out!’ I always feel he is right there with me, watching over my shoulder.


Traveling and vacation time offers ample opportunities to seek the journey. My family and I, often delight in side trips and exploring nearby areas. We have had many experiences on our journeys that add that extraordinary memories. From being snowed on at odd times of the year.  To the beauty of Maui, driving the road to Hana in a caravan of 4 jeeps with my family. Through a horrendous storm, tornado and sandstorm that raced us across Oklahoma on the way to the Grand Canyon. where it caught up with us and closing down Interstate 40 due to a humongous sandstorm and winds that were knocking over 18 wheelers outside of Flagstaff. Luckily we ended that trip, rafting through the gorgeous Apache reservation with eagles swooping low over our heads and one of the scariest and awe inspiring views, riding in a truck jeep over the mountains and crags of lower Arizona, back to camp. Oh I and the space station zoom across an amazing starry night, early, early, early one morning.. on my way back from the portable.


Since late 2014, I have been on a journey to write a book. Setting a goal is a perfect example of how the journey is as important as the end results. The extra time I spend on the journey the more refined my goal setting book will be. This journey of personal and business development is the foundation of how I set goals and has been since I began my business. Now, as I begin working to translate this for others, my journey continues. I could have just written the book from my prescriptive, still I knew there was a deeper path for this journey. Therefore, I did my due diligence and brought others into my journey, that my end results will be the best it can be.


At the beginning of my journey I knew I needed assistance from others. I approached my spheres of influence, my supporters, trusted advisors, and my best clients. I asked if they would take part in this journey and let me scratch their brain for knowledge and feedback. Recently I finished the 1st quarter interviews. My journey is not finished and next stage presents opportunities I look forward to.


In the next stage I will be asking for help again. Participates will have the opportunity to work on their goals with guidance, as I refine current and new tasks and strategies for goal setting. In late summer watch for updates and request for new volunteers for the Resolution Diaries: Interview series. In return for your participation, I only ask for a portion of your time for feedback a few times during the next stage. Save your complimentary spot now.

Check out my past blogs.   See you next month.


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The Journey to a goal, is as relative as accomplishing the goal. I began exploring my experiences while writing my first book, goal setting - by creating good habits.
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