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February 2014 Newsletter

Hello <<First Name>>

This year I wanted to look for alternate ways to journal and to keep up with my goals. In particular I wanted to see what was online. In the 1st January blog on goal setting I mentioned online journaling. I was unable to cover the idea of any detail in either of the posted blogs. Here is what I found after some research.


My first thought was to use Google Drive. I currently use it for all my other documents  It is simple to use.  


Next I wanted to see what was online and try out a few.


A friend mentioned that they were using  to journal. Wordpress has a free and a paid site. The free .com would allow you to set up a different wordpress site for different journals.


After checking out many websites, it looks like several items come standard for online journal sites such as security, adding pictures, sharing to social media, searchable, exportable and a free site.


In my 1st search I found Penzu. I found this very to a very well thought out website. There is a free and paid version. There was a lot value in the free version, a secure website, add pictures, share with your social media platforms to name a few. With Pro, the paid version you can go mobile, completely customize your journal, etc. In Sept 2013, they introduce Legacy, which allows the user to leave their journal to a loved one. Really Great Idea!


I found Penmia next, they call themselves a online notebook. This website is a free model, with mobile app. As with the above Penzu, Penmia is a secure website, add pictures, share with your social media platforms, etc. I really like their Idea section.


The next one that caught my eye was 280 Daily. This website limits your word count to.. yep 280. This would be good for me to because I tend to ramble on. Great way to focus on the important part. There was also a feature here I had not seen elsewhere yet, email reminders. This site also allows you to share with your social media platforms. Pro version allows you to enter your journal via email or text/sms message. Pro has themes, add photos and account switching.  


These 3, look like they had the most promise. I will let you know in a few months what I ultimately decided on.

Challenge:  Are you writing your thoughts online. Let us know where.

Check out my past blogs. See you next month.

Reflection – Goal Setting, the Process of Reviewing

Year-end review: January has always been the time to get started on new goals. It happens to all of us, we let goals we are striving for drift to the shoulder. Because this happens to all of us, putting goal setting in the right perspective, as a continual evolution can keep you on-track. 

My challenge to you: Write your goals and get an active review process going.

Discover how to set goals that bring growth to your business or personal life

Have you ever considered that goal setting is in actual fact growth? By setting goals to attain, the road to the attaining of your goal, is going to involve making changes. Setting goals, with well thought out plan of action should help you smartly make changes that are positive growth in your business or personal life.

Other News

I am starting a Gratitude Challenge for February.
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