Dear Democratic Leaders, 

As you may know, at this very moment Scott Walker is traveling the state announcing his re-election bid for governor.

Walker can use all the trappings and backdrops he wants to mimic job creation, but we all know the governor has failed to create jobs and help Wisconsin families.

Scott Walker doesn't deserve another term as governor. Wisconsin can't take another four years of Walker's failed policies and self-serving political gimmicks. 

We need your help to counter Scott Walker's announcement today. Below are talking points, sample social media posts, LTE drafts, and template press statements to help you spread the truth about key element of Scott Walker's failure as governor.

TALKING POINTS -- to inform your communication with your membership and networks.

SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT -- to post via your Twitter or Facebook accounts. DPW and activists around the state will be posting to Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #ScottWalkerFailed beginning at noon. 

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR -- drafts which can be customized to include your personal story and voice. 

TEMPLATE PRESS STATEMENT -- draft press statements that can be customized to communicate with local press on behalf your of county party.

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  • Scott Walker ran for office on a central campaign promise to create 250,000 new jobs.
  • According to the latest, most accurate federal jobs data that Scott Walker himself referred to as the “gold standard,” Wisconsin ranks just 35th in the nation in job creation under Scott Walker, growing jobs at just about half the national average.
  • The nonpartisan Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurship’s 2014 state rankings show that Wisconsin continues to rank among the worst-performing states -- 46th - for entrepreneurship. The report also found that Wisconsin was a tougher place for entrepreneurs and news businesses last year than it was the year before.
  • The most recent monthly federal jobs data shows Wisconsin ranked 9th out of 10 Midwestern states on job growth. 
  • The data also shows Wisconsin ranked 2nd in job losses last month.
  • Recently, jobs in Wisconsin have grown at only half the rate of the rest of the country; if we had grown at a rate just equal to the average of 49 other states since 2011, we'd have almost 50% more jobs added.
  • When Mary Burke was Wisconsin's Department of Commerce Secretary, the state had 72,000 more jobs than it does now.
  • The state's annual average unemployment rate was never higher than 4.8% when Mary Burke was Commerce Secretary, but unemployment has never been below 6.1% under the current Administration.
  • According to Governing magazine, since 2002, mean wages in Wisconsin adjusted for inflation have only increased 1.3%, compared to a 5.1% increase in the U.S. as a whole.
  • Wage growth in Wisconsin has trailed wage growth in the United States for each of the last three years for which complete data is available.
  • Wisconsin has a nearly $4,000 wage gap with the rest of the country.
  • Wisconsin ranks 45th in Forbes magazine rankings of best states for business.
  • At the same time, Scott Walker’s flagship jobs agency, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), has been plagued with scandal amid reports of bid-rigging and pay-to-play. WEDC has also been the subject of two scathing audits that showed WEDC lacked basic accountability measures to track a single job created, admittedly violated state law, and failed to properly track taxpayer-funded loans.
  • Scott Walker ranks 40th out of 45 governors on job creation, while needed priorities in Wisconsin such as education, health care and jobs-creating infrastructure continue to face a deficit. Walker's budget failed to introduce any substantive economic development programs and throws chump change at worker training after $72 million in cuts in the last  in the nation in jobs growth prospects, according to the Forbes budget.
  • Scott Walker opposes a commonsense increase in the minimum wage, calling it “political grandstanding.”
  • Increasing the minimum wage to $10.10 would give 406,000 Wisconsin workers a raise  of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per year. Those wages would go mostly right back into the economy for purchased goods and services, helping to stimulate the small businesses that drive our economy and account for the majority of new job creation.
  • Small business owners all across Wisconsin agree that we can make sure workers are paid a fairer wage AND do it in a way that does not harm job creation.
  • In Scott Walker’s first term he showed where his true priorities lie – tipping his hand with a $2.3 billion tax giveaway that primarily benefits corporations and the wealthy, $136 million in fee increases, and a nearly $70 million tax increase on working families.
  • Walker’s second budget leaves the state with record levels of both spending and borrowing, kicking the can down the road again to give more tax cuts to the wealthy.
  • Scott Walker’s income tax plan would give joint filers making over $100,000 67.4% of the giveaway, according to analysis by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau. When 67% of a tax cut goes to households making almost twice the state’s median income ($52,374), it’s not a middle class tax cut. For a family with a household annual income between $50,000 and $60,000, the tax cut would amount to $2 per week in 2014.
  • Walker also flattens the third and fourth tax brackets – someone making $28,650 will be taxed at the same rate as someone making $315,460 - and reduces tax rates of those making over $315,460.
  • In addition, Walker's plan spends his much touted surplus into a structural deficit of $658 million.
  • Scott Walker also offers a tax break for private school tuition ($4,000 per pupils in K-8; $10,000 per pupils in grades 9-12), which will cost the state $30 million annually.

Be sure to check throughout the day for items to share with your network. Below are sample tweets you can copy directly or use a springboard for your own customized tweets. Remember: DPW and supporters on Twitter will use the hashtag #ScottWalker throughout the day.

WI is 9th out of 10 Midwest states in job creation under @GovWalker. #ScottWalkerFailed 

WI fell from 11th in the nation in job creation to 35th under @GovWalker #ScottWalkerFailed

#ScottWalkerFailed to make WI's business climate suitable for entrepreneurs. We're currently 46th in the nation for entrepreneurship.

Open for business? Wisconsin ranks 45th in forbes magazine rankings of best states for business. #ScottWalkerFailed

@GovWalker won't mention federal numbers that show Wisconsin ranked 2nd in job losses last month. #ScottWalkerFailed

Jobs in Wisconsin have only grown at half the rate of the country under @GovWalker. #ScottWalkerFailed 

Wage growth in Wisconsin has trailed wage growth in the United State for each of the last three years. #ScottWalkerFailed 

@GovWalker is no job creation governor. He ranks 40th out of 45 governors on job creation by BizJournal. #ScottWalkerFailed

#ScottWalkerFailed to help Wisconsin families when he opposed raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. 

#ScottWalkerFailed workers and families when he called efforts to raise the minimum wage "political grandstanding". 

No wonder @GovWalker chose Tax Day, in his first term he gave away $2.3 billion in cuts to corporations & the wealthy. #ScottWalkerFailed

@GovWalker's tax gimmick primarily favors the wealthy with 67.4% of the cuts going to households earning over $100,000.

@GovWalker's tax gimmick spends the projected surplus into a $658 million structural deficit. #ScottWalkerFailed


Below are three draft letters you can customize and submit; as always, feel free to draft your own letter using the talking points above.

You can submit letters electronically with our toolset at

Letter 1 

Dear Editor, 

Scott Walker doesn't deserve another four years as governor.

Walker promised to create 250,000 jobs by the end of his first term. Time is running out for the governor and he hasn't even hit the halfway mark of jobs promise. Walker should be held accountable for his failure to deliver on his central campaign promise.

Not only has Scott Walker failed to create jobs, during his tenure Wisconsin has cratered in key economic indicators. The state is currently just 35th in the nation in job create; and while the rest of the nation recovers from the Great Recession, Wisconsin is creating jobs at half the national average. 

Scott Walker's trickle-down economic policies aren't working, his job creation plan has been a complete failure. Walker doesn't deserve a second term as governors, and voters will surely reject him in November. 

Letter 2

Scott Walker is full of gimmicks and tricks to fool Wisconsin voters, but we see right through the thin facade and see the governor for the massive failure that he is. 

His lopsided tax plan is the latest political gimmick being spun to Wisconsinites. Walker's tax plan gives 67% of the tax breaks to households earning over $100,000 - hardly middle class families. 

The truth is that the middle class gets the short end of the stick in Walker's plan. Families with an annual income between $50,000 and $60,000 will only receive a measly $2 per week in tax breaks this year.

A tax cut that primarily goes to households making almost twice the state's median income of $52,374 is not a middle class tax cut.

Walker is hardly a champion for the middle class. It's time for a new direction in Wisconsin, we need someone with ideas that will help all Wisconsinites - not just those at the top.

Letter 3    

Dear Editor, 

Wisconsin deserves much better than Scott Walker.

During his first term, our economy has struggled compared to the rest of the nation, creating jobs at half the national average. Currently, we're ranked a lowly 35th in the nation for job creation and 45th in Forbes magazine rankings of best states for business.

Walkers failure to create jobs and fulfill his 250,000 job creation promise doesn't just reflect in rankings and statistics - it affect Wisconsin families in a very real and harmful way.

Families struggling to get by need relief, but they won't get it from Scott Walker, not in the form of job creation or tax relief. Walker's tax plan gives away 67% of tax cuts to households earning over $100,000.

Workers struggling to get by won't get any help from Walker either. Despite overwhelming support in the state, he actually called raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour "political grandstanding". A raise in the minimum wage to that level would give more than 400,000 workers a raise. Money that would ultimately go right back into the economy because workers will finally be able to afford the things they need.

That's not grandstanding, that's standing up for Wisconsin workers and families. It's an idea that would strengthen the middle class and give a big boost to our economy. 

We've tried it Walker's way and it just hasn't worked. His policies have failed and ultimately he has failed Wisconsinites in every corner of the state. Scott Walker doesn't deserve four more years, its time to head in a new direction - one that moves our state forward, not backwards. 


Tuesday, April 15, 2014 
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[Your County Party] Statement on Scott Walker Campaign Announcement

MADISON -- The following is a statement on behalf of [your county party] on Scott Walker's campaign announcement:

"Scott Walker has only moved Wisconsin backwards since becoming governor. During his first term Wisconsin has fallen from 11th in the nation in job creation to 35th in the country today. 

"Our economy lags behind the rest of the nation creating jobs at half the U.S. average, and fell to second to last in job creation among our neighbors in the Midwest. 

"Walker's trickle-down economic policies have failed. His tax breaks to out of state corporations and those at the very top haven't created the 250,000 jobs he promised while running for governor, and it won't create the prosperity he promises today.

"Wisconsin needs a governor who has a real plan to grow jobs and strengthen our middle class. It's time for our state to head in a new direction."

# # # 

Authorized and Paid for by The Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Michael J. Tate, Chair