April, 2020
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VIRTUAL PERFECT PAWS ... 'LIVE' Sunday, April 19 at 5 p.m. -- a very
special Perfect Paws service for all the world to join on Zoom: show us your faces, show us your animal companions! Pray with us, sing with us, be with us!
**Download our service bulletin. **

Sunday, April 19, 2020, 5 p.m. with the Rev. Marya DeCarlen officiating 
and Steve O'Connell providing live music (vocals and guitar).


A Virtual Gathering on Zoom of Caring, Love, Community
and Hope in the Time of Covid-19

**Download our service bulletin. **
Share with us in the joy of community as we come together through our individual desktop computers, tablets, smartphones and even landline phones!  You don't even need a camera or microphone on your device to participate.

We are having a 'live' online Perfect Paws service and Spiritual Communion -- an Agape feast you will hear more about -- as we gather to celebrate our love of God and all creation and appreciate the animal companions who enhance our lives. Joining with others from our respective homes, together we will hear and listen, sing and pray and participate in a cherished event that will bring us closer together to heal and renew and appreciate, even in this time of pandemic.

Bring a piece of bread and a glass of wine or other beverage to share virtually in this Spirit-filled gathering of love.  Find us on
Meeting ID: 990 855 545 / Password: Saintfranc

Landline call numbers from all over the world -- most free -- are available here

If this is your first time using Zoom, don't be afraid. It's easy to use once you get the hang of it. You will need to download the Zoom applet when you click on the address above. You will be prompted to do so automatically. Each meeting has a unique meeting ID, ours is 990 855 545 and is embedded in the link above that you will click to go to the meeting. For those who learn best by seeing, access this wonderful how-to tutorial from Sonoma University Sonoma State

Some helpful Zoom ground rules: Controls for zoom are at the bottom of the window that opens when you connect. There is a microphone icon at the far left. A red line through it means you are muted. Clicking on it will change it to unmute or vice versa. Please keep yourselves muted through singing and responsive readings and unmute yourselves only when asked to call out names of animals who have been adopted, are ill or have died. Assigned readers will unmute themselves when asked and will be the "voice of the people" – responding for all of us so we can minimize microphone feedback. We will also keep ourselves muted as we sing along with Steve O’Connell, who will be offering his music ‘live.’ Thank you!

If you have special blessings or prayers for your pets, Marya will be happy to offer those immediately after the service. Please email in advance (name of the pet, age, circumstance -- adopted, rehomed, ill, deceased -- so we can honor your request and please stay in the meeting after dismissal and wait to be called by Marya. You may also email us a photograph with your email.

If you have any questions about how to connect with Zoom prior to Sunday, please give Fran a call (978-869-7258) or drop her an email. She is happy to provide information and offer short, how-to-tutorials.
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HELP SUPPORT OUR MINISTRY. We offer comfort, joy and community for all who love animals through:
MONTHLY WORSHIP SERVICE, 3rd Sunday,  5 to 5:30 p.m. Live music, pet prayers and blessings too. 
VETERINARY COMPANIONING for people whose animals are ill, facing surgery or euthanasia.
PET LOSS BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT, free of charge, by our certified Pet Bereavement Counselor.
THERAPY DOG certification workshops and north shore deployment in partnership with Dog BONES Therapy Dogs of Massachusetts
PET FOOD AND SUPPLIES collections to benefit the People to People Food Pantry, Danvers, MA
Download our brochure for more info. Thank you.  For more information contact us.
Out of the mouths of puppers! Meet Pluto the Schnauzer.  He has a message for us from his fellow four-leggers about coping with COVID-19. Click on the image to hear. Thanks, Pluto. You are not only adorable, but you're also pretty wise!

A Message from Winnie: Better Days

The amazing video above was created by Mike Boston, who with Winnie, the affable Leonberger, is one of our star Therapy Dog Teams that visit together at schools with kids who deal with social-emotional disorders. Mike was inspired to create this powerful message for the students we have come to care so deeply about at alternative high schools we visit, who desperately need routine and consistency in their lives.  

The COVID pandemic, with its requisite social distancing, quarantining and all its new world routines, has been a huge emotional strain on these wonderful students. Their faculty has allowed each of us therapy dog teams who visit to communicate with the students through their student portal, and this video goes out to the kids from Winnie!

Perfect Paws is grateful to Mike (and sweet Winnie!)  for sharing this with all of us. Mike was moved to create this message from Winnie by the song, "Colors" by the Black Pumas.



O Lord, hear our prayer. 
Grant us the grace to respect and care for Your creation.
Bless all of your creatures as a sign of Your wondrous love.
Help us to end the suffering of the hungry, the cold and the uncared for,
and bring healing and love to all of your creation.
O Lord, hear our prayer. Amen.
Lord, thank you for the gift of the animals in our lives. May we be as faithful to them as you have been faithful to us. Amen.

Let us pray today, with thankful hearts, for the animals who currently share our lives. Please call out their names.

We pray for the many animals who have lost their people because of the Coronavirus and those who wait patiently and hopefully to be rehomed, adopted or rescued from difficult situations. God of mercy hear our prayer.
We pray with heartfelt joy and appreciation for animals who have found new and loving homes.  Today we pray for BRODIE, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy who has found a home with Ginna Coulson in Danvers, for ERNIE, the Keeshond puppy who now graces the lives of Dr. Hannah Galvin and her partner Julie, and for FINLEY, the Golden Retriever puppy, who will soon be ready to join his new Mom Dorothy and become a beloved member of the Lorant family in Indiana. God of mercy, we thank you for the blessing of these creatures. 

For comfort and healing for animals recovering from illness or facing physical challenges: we offer prayers for COCONUT, the winsome dog being treated for chronic seizures; For IVY, the feisty Frenchie, who despite her degenerative spinal disease, visited schoolchildren in her wheelchair to inspire and delight. For FINLEY, the deeply loved feline companion of Vicki and Erik Lord who continues to defy medical expectations and live with a life-threatening illness. God of mercy hear our prayer. 

We pray for LOLA Hawkins, Danvers, the canine with a herniated disk and for the beautiful therapy dog NANOOK, who suffers from Myelopathy, a cruel, progressive degenerative disease. His person Bill Hooper asks our prayers that “God grant me the grace of knowing exactly the right day to take Nanook to the Rainbow Bridge -- not one day too soon (my benefit) nor one day too late (his benefit).” God of mercy hear our prayers.
For SILA, the Boxer, who struggles with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and for sweet, gentle, 9-month-old VIRGIL, the Afghan Hound, who waits through the pandemic for an urgent neurological consult, we pray for comfort.  God in your mercy, hear our prayers.

For a gentle transition from their earthly to their eternal lives, we pray for all animals who have died. Today we pray especially for handsome DUNCAN, the active, youthful, 12-year-old yellow Lab, whose decreased appetite yielded the devastating diagnosis of a mass on his spleen and liver. His heartbroken person, George Clark gently and lovingly sent him to God on March 2; We pray for ELI, 14, the Westie, who went to God recently, and leaves Zoe, his 15-year-old Westie sister and their very sad person, Myrna. We pray also for the deeply loved HOBBES, 11, the Keeshond for whom we have prayed these last months, who fought so valiantly against lymphoma and is now resting gently in God’s eternal embrace. 

And for RILEY, the beloved 19-year-old feline of Erik and Vicki Lord, of Danvers, who went to God recently, we pray for a place of comfort and rest in God’s firmament. 

Merciful God wrap these treasured animals into your embrace and be near to all their humans who so deeply mourn their loss. Bring them solace in loneliness, peace in distress, and comfort in their remembering, and lift their hearts in thanksgiving for the gift of companionship they have so richly enjoyed. Amen.

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