Malala Receives EU's Sakharov Prize In Strasbourg
(Radio Free Europe- 6 December 2013)
Pakistani education activist Malala Yousafzai has received the 2013 Sakharov Prize at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.
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Can the Singapore method help your children learn maths?
(BBC News- 2 December 2013)
Singapore teaches maths better than most countries including the UK, according to international rankings for secondary pupils.

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'You Can Play, Colorado!' Joins Student Athletes And Pros To Unite Against LGBT Bullying
(The Huffington Post- 31 October)
"If you can play, you can play." That's the anti-bullying message that student athletes in Colorado are sending with a statewide video contest designed to combat discrimination and homophobia in sports -- both on the field and in the locker room.


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Education in Finland: Pisa isn't the full story
(The Guardian- 4 December 2013)
Despite Finnish education's strong performance in Pisa, it isn't all perfect – science and maths standards are declining and top-performing students aren't being pushed enough.

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South Korea's schools: Long days, high results
(BBC News- 2 December 2013)
The results of the international school tests - known as Pisa tests - are published by the OECD. In previous years, South Korea has been one of the highest achievers. But it means long hours of study.
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African Children’s Choir sings in Waukegan to highlight education needs
(Sun-Times Media- 6 December)
Launched in 1984 during the Ugandan civil war, the British Columbia-based African Children’s Choir project aims to provide educational opportunities for young people in East Africa who might otherwise never see the inside of a college classroom.
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London Met: How many non-EU students had to leave?
(BBC News- 2 December 2013)
The BBC has obtained figures for the numbers of international students affected by the revocation of a university's licence to authorise visas last year. More than 150 students lost their leave to study in the UK after a university's licence to sponsor non-EU students was revoked, the BBC has learned.

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Kyrgyz Schools Build New Expertise Through Partnerships

(ETF- 26 November 2013)
If passion can build the world of education, the younger generations in Kyrgyzstan can look forward to a prosperous future.
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Bosniak School Protesters Eye Classes in Sarajevo
(Balkan Insight– 2 December 2013)
After talks between the Education Ministry in Republika Srpska and protesters from Konjevic Polje broke down, classes in a Sarajevo school await dozens of children in danger of losing an education.

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German home-school families face US deportation
(BBC News- 6 November 2013)
Uwe and Hanalore Romeike want to educate their seven children at home, rather than in the school system. But in Germany where they come from originally, home schooling is illegal.

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