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TOL runs a program funded by the Open Society Foundations (OSF) designed to train journalists and to write on education topics with the aim to raise public awareness on education issues around the world. As part of the project, we issue a bi-monthly newsletter including news provided by the Education Support Program (ESP) of the Open Society Foundations and by partners from the Open Society Education Network (OSEN).
The Princess and Her 'Gulivers'
Uzbekistan’s Gulnara Karimova may be down, but her cultural impact, especially among the young, is too great to count her out.
The Central European University Summer University (CEU-SUN), in cooperation with the Education Support Program of the Open Society Foundations (OSF–ESP), announces the 2014 Summer School on Innovative Financing for Education
Political ally and major investor Turkey is taking a hand in writing history textbooks, and not all Kosovans are happy about it.
Together Old and Young
TOY: young children and senior citizens learning and developing in inter-generational community spaces. Through sharing experiences they have fun, learn from each other and develop meaningful relationships.
Georgia prepares to launch a bigger and, activists hope, better inclusive education scheme.
UNESCO Institute for Informational Technologies in Education (IITE) has published a new country report on the state and challenges of the Open Educational Resources (OER) in Poland, titled Open Educational Resources in Poland: Challenges and Opportunities.
Shared Interest in Developing 21st Century Adult Learners’ Literacy Skills
Close to 30 adult literacy teachers and trainers from 13 countries met in Bratislava, Slovakia, for the Grundtvig workshop entitled “Developing 21st Century Adult Learners’ Literacy Skills.”
A policy brief titled “Turkey’s FATIH Project” suggests ways in which this important investment in educational technology can lead to the best possible learning outcomes for all students in Turkey.
From Exclusion towards Integration of Roma and Egyptians
In the Konik refugee camp, located in the city of Podgorica, more than 2,000 people are living in extreme poverty.
  A short presentation of the project in the field of promotion and implementation of different educational activities for Romani pre-school children and their families.
Education Reform Initiative`s policy note on private tutoring
Recently, Turkish government announced a policy plan which demands that private tutoring centers will either be closed down or be relocated in the formal education system by converting themselves into private schools.
Equal Education Celebrates a Victory for Millions of Children in South Africa
Through analysis and activism Equal Education achieved the publication of legally binding norms and standards for public school infrastructure after three years of struggle.

Caucasus Network for Children website launched on December 18, 2013
The Caucasus Network for Children (CNC) brings together civil society organizations working with vulnerable children in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and the North Caucasus region of the Russian Federation.
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