The future of higher education? Five experts give their predictions
(Times Higher Education- 5 March 2014)
Ahead of the Jisc Digital Festival next week, for whichTimes Higher Education is media partner, five experts predict the innovations and trends that are set to change the face of higher education and research in the coming years.
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Lower aspirations for higher education
(openDemocracy- 4 March 2014)
The British university system was until recently seen as one of the best in the world. Now students pay dearly for the privilege of supporting big business, says Barbara Gunnell. 
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Dogs encourage kids to read in Estonia
(AFP- 4 March 2014)
Tartu:  A library in high-tech Estonia is getting children to read out loud to dogs to boost their confidence, reading and social skills with a little help from man's best friend.
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The Malala Fund spotlights need to educate child refugees
(The Christian Science Monitor- 6 March 2014)
The Malala Fund, co-founded by Malala Yousafzai, the teenage girl from Pakistan who was shot by the Taliban for promoting the education of girls, is working to put refuge children from Syria back into school.
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International education group seeks to double number of US students studying abroad in 5 years
(Associated Press- 3 March)
An international education institute is working to double the number of U.S. students studying abroad by 2019. To reach the goal, the Institute of International Education will focus on recruiting more low-income students and others who have not participated in high numbers. Already, 160 colleges and universities have committed to participate.
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‘The drive to test, test, and re-test’ leads famous school board member to quit
(The Washington Post- 6 March 2014)
Rick Roach, who is completing his fifth four-year term representing District 3 on the Board of Education inOrange County, Fla, may well be the most famous local school board member in the country.  In 2011, he made national news when he took a test with questions used on standardized tests given to students in Florida and flunked. 
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Iranian women make a push for greater opportunities
(NPR- 5 March 2014)
Iran is starting to see a re-launch of activist groups following the election last year of President Hassan Rouhani. Social movements were scarce after the government crushed public protests known as the Green Movement following the 2009 elections. 
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Academic writing - why bother?
(openDemocracy- 5 March 2014)
The opening up of academic material beyond select and expensive journals should be grasped as an opportunity to re-examine the way academics communicate their ideas with the public.

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A new look at demographic transformation
(University World News- 1 March 2014)
A recent draft paper on equity indices for South Africa’s university system equated equity with transformation, and delinked equity from development and performance
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Our quick guide to literacy research for teachers
 (The Guardian- 6 March 2014)
How to teach reading is a question that's not as straightforward to answer as it might seem. Debate around literacy teaching techniques has raged for years, mainly focusing on the merits of phonics
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