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Variety makes you (mentally) fit
(The Economist- 17 October 2014)
For years, researchers in bilingualism have been touting striking findings about how bilingualism affects the brain. Two of the most memorable involve “executive control” and delayed dementia. With the first, bilinguals have shown that they are better able to focus on...
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The anarchic experimental schools of the 1970s
(BBC News- 21 October 2014)
In the 1970s, idealistic young activists created a wave of experimental schools - no compulsory lessons, no timetables, no rules. So what happened to the kids who attended these free-for-alls? You wait an age for the green man to let you cross Liverpool's Scotland Road. 
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Tuition fees hike plan unveiled in Flanders
(Times Higher Education- 20 October 2014)
The centre-right Flemish government has announced plans to increase undergraduate fees by almost 45 per cent, in the face of ongoing student protests and the rector of one public university calling the move “a sorry state of affairs”.The majority of the approximately 230,000 undergraduates...
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War-torn Mali plans to build university in Timbuktu
(The Guardian- 21 October 2014)
It is famously remote, a byword for the impossible-to-reach. In recent times, it has been occupied by jihadis who took pickaxes to the tombs of its medieval saints and burnt or stole thousands of its manuscripts. Now, Timbuktu may be the setting for a $80m (£50m) university...
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Getting the IT education you need without the debt: Could studying abroad be the answer?
(ZDNet- 22 October 2014)
Students who want to dodge the tens of thousands of euros in fees and living expenses that come with getting a degree in IT might want to consider Romania. Landing a good job in technology often means spending several years at university...
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Nigeria: Boko Haram says all kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls alive
(allAfrica- 17 October 2014)
The Director General of National Orientation Agency (NOA) and Coordinator, National Information Centre (NIC), Mr. Mike Omeri has announced the assurance by Boko Haram that the kidnapped Chibok school girls and all other people in their captivity are alive...
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‘Natural labs’ a magnet for Ecuador’s city of knowledge
(Times Higher Education- 16 October 2014)
“Academia is just like soccer…You recruit good players, you win,” José Andrade told Times Higher Education on a recent visit to London, adding that he and his colleagues are “just about to recruit the Manchester United of South America” for a new institution in Ecuador. 
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Requirements keep young immigrants out of Long Island classrooms
(International New York Times- 21 October 2014)
Before dawn breaks and the morning light spills onto his bedroom floor, Carlos Garcia Lobo bounces out of bed, his eyes alight with anticipation, and asks his mother if he can go to school. Each time, she replies to her 8-year-old son: Not yet. Four months after fleeing Honduras...
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Spot the difference: why do more men teach in independent schools?
(The Guardian- 21 October 2014)
There are plenty of misconceptions about the differences between state and private education in the UK. But when considering teaching employment options, there are some reassuringly solid facts – including statistics showing clear contrasts between the gender balance...
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Martin Gardner, puzzle master extraordinaire
(BBC News- 20 October 2014)
The writer and puzzle master Martin Gardner, who died in 2010, was once said to have turned dozens of innocent youngsters into maths professors - and thousands of maths professors into innocent youngsters. Maths writer Colm Mulcahy looks back at the amazing career...
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