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Anger at plans to boost religious teaching in Turkey
(BBC News- 8 December 2014)

Turkey's education council has been criticised for proposing compulsory religious classes for young children and "values education" at nursery school. Critics fear the proposals are part of the government's plans to change the secular education system. 
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E-Sports at college, with stars and scholarships
(The New York Times- 8 December 2014)
Loc Tran is a big man on campus at San Jose State University in Northern California. “A lot of people stop me when I’m walking,” said Mr. Tran, a 19-year-old sophomore, who speaks in quick and confident bursts. “They congratulate me.” But Mr. Tran is not a star on the football team, or a leader in student government.
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France plans elite top-10 mega-university
(BBC News- 10 December 2014)
Imagine the chagrin of French universities whenever international rankings are published. The top places are invariably filled with the US and UK academic powerhouses. And then coming up fast are the ambitious Asian universities. But what about the French...
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Shimer College: the worst school in America?
(The Guardian- 6 December 2014)
This tiny, eccentric institution in Chicago was just voted the worst place to study in America. But does Shimer, which shuns lectures and has no societies or clubs, deserve such an accolade? In a classroom in Bronzeville, on Chicago’s South Side, eight students...
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Sociology students' trip to observe 'working class culture' at Millwall FC
(The Telegraph- 10 December 2014)
To anyone else, a trip to a football match would merely be a chance to see some sport played. But for sociology students at one sixth form college, it has been billed as an educational opportunity to see racism, homophobia, hyper masculinity and working class culture in action.
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Ebola outbreak affecting African students
(Thomson Reuters Foundation- 5 December 2014)
Some five million children are out of school in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone because of the deadly Ebola outbreak, according to a report by the Global Business Coalition for Education. Schools and other public buildings have been closed because they are believed to increase the spread of the virus.
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It’s not the old days, but Berkeley sees a new spark of protest
(The New York Times- 9 December 2014)
 This is the college town where the Free Speech Movement was born 50 years ago, spreading across the nation with sit-ins, marches, demonstrations and arrests. So at first glance, the demonstrations against police conduct in Ferguson, Mo., and on Staten Island...
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Could you answer the toughest Oxbridge question?
(The Telegraph- 10 December 2014)
December: ’tis the season to be petrified, if you’re a pupil hoping to go to Oxford or Cambridge University. For this is the month that would-be Oxbridge undergraduates are invited to attend an interview, to be asked “unanswerable” questions - brain-teasers designed to explore...
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Moscow State University hits top 5 in Times Higher Education BRICS rating
(Russia Beyond the Headlines- 8 December 2014)
Russian universities have made a strong showing in Britain’s 2015 Times Higher Education ranking, with Moscow State University featuring in the top five educational institutions in the influential listing’s BRICS & Emerging Economies Ranking. RBTH reports on the improving global competitiveness of...

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Even teachers skip school as education crisis jolts Pakistan
(Bloomberg- 9 December 2014)
Ayaz Ali stands outside the only school in his southern Pakistan village, struggling to recall the last time the lone teacher showed up. It was at least five years ago.“I’d come back but we haven’t really seen the teacher for some time now.” 
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