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TOL runs a program funded by the Open Society Institute (OSI) designed to train journalists to write on education topics and raise public awareness on education issues. As part of the project, we issue a bi-monthly newsletter on the program and other news provided by OSI's Education Support Program.

Kosovo: EU Support for Education of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Communities
EU funded project supports integration and education of minorities in Kosovo.

14 -19 November: Education Conference in Romania is Coming up
The conference will bring together over 100 educators and trainers from thirty countries to demonstrate and reflect on effective ways of motivating people to learn.

Georgia: No Child Left Behind Program
On 2-5 September, 20011 the first international meeting was held in Baku, Azerbaijan. Georgian education experts, selected teachers and project staff were participating in the meeting.

Romania: New Bill’s Effects on Rural Education
New research reflects the important of extracurricular activities in key competences.

South Africa: Helping Refugee Children Tell Their Stories
Stop frame animation is a notoriously fiddly business. Add a bunch of (young) school kids and... the whole business becomes ...

Turkey: Roma Students Go Beyond the Barriers
The Roma population in Turkey is estimated to be around 2 millions although the numbers vary according to different sources. And Turkey is in no better situation than ...

Zambia: Critical Thinking Education
A series of seminars taught critical thinking to educational staff in Zambia.

South Africa: Equal Education
EE submits report on Department of Basic Education’s annual performance

Transitions Online (TOL often publishes articles that cover education-related topics. Some recent examples include:

Beyond the Action-Hero Version of Serbian History

An effort to change the way history is taught in Serbian schools runs aground.By Dejan Kozul8 November 2011

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