Shocking but true: students prefer jolt of pain than being made to sit and think
(The Guardian- 3 July 2014)
It was not so much how hard people found the challenge, but how far they would go to avoid it that left researchers gobsmacked. The task? To sit in a chair and do nothing but think.
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Vladimir Putin calls for more patriotic education in Russia
(Reuters- 4 July 2014)
Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for more patriotic education for his country's youth in order to protect them from foreign influences in what he views as a global ideological battl
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Alberta Education Minister Jeff Johnson violated privacy laws with 2013 email to teachers
 (Metro News- 3 July 2014)
Alberta premier Dave Hancock said he still has confidence in the education minister Jeff Johnson after it was revealed Thursday he violated freedom of information laws, the latest in a string of rebukes from the province’s teachers.
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Ban on fake Wonga-style legal letters to chase student debt
(The Telegraph- 30 June 2014)
The Student Loans Company has scrapped the use of “Wonga”-style tactics to chase graduates who fall behind on repayments amid claims hundreds of thousands of ex-students had been misled by the system.
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Belarus’s university in exile looks to the west
 (The New York Times- 29 June 2014)

It has been nine years since the European Humanities University fled its homeland of Belarus. Founded in the Belarusian capital, Minsk, in 1992, soon after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, it was one of the few private, nonprofit liberal-arts institutions in the country.
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Rwanda: Mother tongue policy - Can schools implement it?
(allAfrica- 2 July 2014)
When you think of a modern private pre-primary and lower primary school, what comes to mind? A school whose main language of instruction is English or French? You are not far from the reality on the ground.
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How much does university really cost students – and their parents?
(The Guardian- 2 July 2014)
If your child is going to university in the autumn be prepared to dig deep into your own pockets. What are the different costs associated with university – and is there help available? Here's what you need to know about the costs of university.
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Trojan horse: Golden Hillock governors 'needed more time'
 (BBC News- 2 July 2014)
Golden Hillock School was put in special measures last month after criticisms over leadership. It was one of 21 schools inspected by Ofsted over an alleged plot by some Muslims to take over schools.
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University students 'not happy' with media and arts degrees
(The Telegraph- 2 July 2014)
Students taking arts and media studies courses at university are far less likely to be satisfied with their degree than those studying science, according to a report.
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Children's TV 'packed with junk-food references"
 (BBC News- 2 July 2014)

Junk-food adverts are restricted during children's television in the UK. However, a study, published in Archives of Disease in Childhood, found the shows themselves "skewed" towards unhealthy food.
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