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TOL runs a program funded by the Open Society Foundations (OSF) designed to train journalists and to write on education topics with the aim to raise public awareness on education issues globally. As part of the project, we issue a bi-monthly newsletter including news provided by the Education Support Program (ESP) of the Open Society Foundations and by partners from the Open Society Education Network (OSEN).


 Equal Education Launches Virtual Picket for Minimum Norms and Standards for School Infrastructure – Join our campaign!
Equal Education’s ground breaking court case for Minimum Norms and Standards for School Infrastructure is set to start on 20 November 2012.
EELC: A law centre dedicated to advancing the right to a basic education
January of this year saw the launching of the Equal Education Law Centre (EELC), a team of young dynamic professionals targeting their collective talents towards ensuring the realisation of every learner’s right to an adequate basic education. 
New project for continued support to teachers to lead change in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Following the success of their “Teacher Leadership” training programme in 2010-2011 – organised and implemented in nine schools in Sarajevo – proMENTE is currently preparing the same training cycle for another 48 teachers from across Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Call for Papers: Education for Social Change and Transformation: Case Studies of Critical Praxis – Volume 15, Number 2, Spring 2013
Despite considerable progress, the international community is unlikely to achieve the targets enshrined in the Education For All goals and the education Millennium Development Goals by 2015.
Czech educators visit inclusive schools in Leicester, U.K.
The Open Society Fund Prague organized a three-day study tour to the UK for 10 professionals from the Karlovy Vary region in western Czech Republic where the majority of Roma children are still segregated into so-called practical schools where limited, low-level curriculum is taught to them.

Slovakia: Cut education spending to give more money to schools
While Slovakia’s state budget chapter on education for the next year may seem to be increasing, in fact it’s not.

Launch ‘A Key to Unlock the Past’: a report on History Education in Macedonia
EUROCLIO – The European Association of History Educators – launched the report: ‘A Key to Unlock the Past, History Education in Macedonia: Analysis of Today, Suggestions for the Future’ at the EU-Info Centre of the EU-Delegation in Skopje.

 Arrested Development
Long kindergarten waiting lists in Lithuania have officials scrambling for answers and desperate parents ponying up bribes.

Tough Talk on Kyrgyz Schools
OSH | When Kyrgyz Prime Minister Omurbek Babanov addressed the issue of language in the country’s classrooms last month, his message seemed clear enough.
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