Homework ban proposed by councillors in Swedish city of Hallstahammar

(The Independent- 16 June 2014)
Members of a city council in Sweden have put forward a proposal to ban homework – a suggestion that is likely to make some over-worked school-children giddy with joy if it passes.
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'Attention seeking' teacher pretended to have terminal cancer

(The Telegraph- 16 June 2014)
An "attention-seeking" teacher pretended to have cancer and persuaded her colleagues to undergo tests to donate their bone marrow to her, a professional conduct committee has heard.

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Survey finds basic writing, math valued highly by admissions officers 

(Education News- 20 June 2014)
During the university admissions season, students wonder what would make the best impression on those charged with reviewing their applications. 
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Paul Murphy's hubs idea to help pupils into Oxbridge

(BBC News- 18 June 2014)
A network of 12 hubs should be established across Wales to help more pupils get into Oxford and Cambridge universities, according to a report.
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Iran eases constraints on academic contacts with West

(The New York Times- 15 June 2014)
WASHINGTON — After almost a decade of harsh limits on higher education and international exchanges, Iran is undergoing something of an academic spring.
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Education report 'watered down'

(Sunday Post- 19 June 2014) 
A report on education in Scotland was "watered down" to remove criticisms about how well schools are performing, Labour leader Johann Lamont claimed.
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Vanderbilt’s continuing medical education efforts lauded

(Education News- 17 June 2014)
The Nebraska State Board of Education (NSBE) is considering applying for a waiver to stop using the No Child Left Behind model, according to KNOP-TV. 
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To fight unemployment, China expands vocational ed programs

(The Chronicle of Higher Education- 18 June 2014)
In a bid to reduce the huge number of university graduates with similar academic degrees competing with each other for the same jobs, China has announced that it will turn at least half of its public universities into institutions of applied learning or polytechnics to produce more technically trained graduates.
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Common core, in 9-year-old eyes

(The New York Times- 14 June 2014)
He could have written about the green toy truck he kept hidden in his room, a reminder of Haiti, a place he did not yet fully understand.
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Most Starbucks employees getting college assistance want business degrees

(Businessweek- 17 June 2014)
Starbucks (SBUX) will help its employees pay for an online education from Arizona State University, the company announced Monday.

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