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European research funding: it’s like Robin Hood in reverse
(The Guardian- 7 November 2014)
If you ask officers of the European commission in research and innovation whether any of the funding attached to Horizon 2020 (the biggest EU research and innovation programme ever) will improve research career conditions, they are likely to politely cough, roll their eyes and answer: yes. 
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U.S. to focus on equity in assigning of teachers
(The New York Times- 10 November 2014)
The Obama administration is directing states to show how they will ensure that all students have equal access to high-quality teachers, with a sharp focus on schools with a high proportion of the poor and racial minorities. In a letter to state superintendents released Monday...
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Unpaid internships 'closed to all but the super-rich'
(The Telegraph- 12 November 2014)
Graduates from wealthy families are tightening their grip on top jobs because they can afford to spend up to £1,000 a month taking internships without pay, according to research. The richest university leavers are far more likely to work for nothing to kick-start their career in highly-competitive professions...
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Ukraine holds politically charged 'dictation' contest
(RFE/RL- 7 November 2014)
Ukraine's annual dictation contest has always carried political undertones. The competition, officially titled Ukrainian Dictation of National Unity, was launched in 2000 to promote the Ukrainian language in a country where almost one-third of citizens consider Russian...

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Students in Opava call on Zeman to resign
(Czech News Agency- 11 November 2014)
Opponents of Czech President Miloš Zeman reproached him today for his accommodating approach to Russian President Vladimir Putin, his stance on human rights violations in China and the use of obscene language, and students have called on him to resign. Zeman started a...
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Four California students deported from Russia in 'political' visa row
(The Guardian- 11 November 2014)
Four students from northern California who travelled to Russia for a leadership conference had their trip cut short and were ordered home after Russian authorities said they had the wrong visas. Liana Randazzo, 27, and Quygen Ngo, 24, of San Jose, and Jennifer Phan, 21....
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Anger over university's decision to cancel Islamic extremism report launch
(The Telegraph- 11 November 2014)
A university has been accused of censorship after scrapping the launch of a report into alleged Islamic extremism in schools and campuses across the UK. The University of West London was criticised following the decision to cancel the event staged by Sharia Watch UK...
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What's life like at school in Syria?
(BBC News- 12 November 2014)
School Reporters from London have been finding out about life for teenage refugees at a UN-run school in Syria by speaking to them via Skype. School days are shorter and subject choices are limited at the Haifa School in Damascus, but despite the ongoing conflict...
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Schools with the highest potential salaries for biz major
(Linkedin- 11 November 2014)
Pop quiz: Name the most popular undergraduate major. In fact, business is twice as popular as the next major. Don’t believe me? Education, you say? Not even close. Medical? Maybe someday. Come on people, you know this. Wait…did someone just say “business?” Congratulations!
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Sheikha Moza: The power behind Qatar's global lessons
(BBC News- 12 November 2014)
The goal of universal primary education, a promise broken for decades, can be achieved in the next seven years, says Sheikha Moza bint Nasser. The senior member of the Qatari royal family and education campaigner wants to galvanise the international community...
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