Ukraine's younger generation seeks new direction
(Voice of America- 25 February 2014)
Ukraine is a very different country than it was just a week ago, following a protest movement led by young people who overthrew the Russian-backed government. They now want to take the country in a new direction.
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Are musicians better language learners?
(The Guardian- 27 February)
Children who learn music from a young age find it easier to learn languages even in adulthood, research has found.  Today's economic environment demands that our children become the very best they can be.
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Brain drain in reverse: China now world's no. 3 education hub
(The Times of India- 23 February 2014)
That the world flies to China and India to entice the young to their colleges is common knowledge. What is not so well known is that China has now become the third most favoured nation of international students after the US and UK.
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A working-class hero is something to be … but not in Britain's posh culture
(The Guardian- 26 February 2014)
Last week the actor Stephen McGann spoke out about how difficult it is for young people from working-class backgrounds to enter his profession. "Opportunities are closing down," he said in an interview with the Independent.
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Baker reestablishes education commission to advise him on improving schools
(The Washington Post- 21 February 2014)
Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker III (D) has reestablished a commission, made up of parents, business owners and educators, to advise him on ways to improve the county schools.

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Facebook reveals online education app for Rwanda
(CNN- 24 February 2014)
Facebook is helping to roll out a pilot online education program in Rwanda, as part of its pitch to bring internet to the unconnected world. Dubbed SocialEDU, the new initiative was revealed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Monday and comes the same day as the social media giant's founder Mark Zuckerberg gives a keynote speech at the event.
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Nigeria school raid in Yobe state leaves 29 dead
(BBC News- 25 February)
At least 29 students have been killed after suspected Boko Haram militants attacked a boarding school in north-east Nigeria.The BBC's Will Ross in Lagos says the remote school in Yobe state was attacked overnight when students were in their dormitories.
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Dyslexia may not exist, warn academics
(The Telegraph- 26 February 2014)
Millions of children may have been wrongly diagnosed as dyslexic after academics found the condition probably does not exist. Experts at Durham and Yale Universities are calling for the term ‘dyslexia’ to be abandoned because it is unscientific and lacks meaning.

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Environmental studies centers: “Green schools” in nature
( 27 February 2014)
The Environmental Studies Centers in Cyprus provide a different experience of learning in nature, away from the stresses of everyday life and its problems. Students are given an opportunity to encounter a wide range of flora and fauna while having fun studying a natural environment. ESCs offer varied educational programs designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of each group through fun activities.
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Rift at Jewish school in Manhattan over canceled plan for Israeli-Palestinian talk
(The New York Times- 26 February 2014)
During a presentation on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Peter Beinart, an author and columnist who writes frequently on the topic, suggested to a group of high school students that they invite a particular Columbia University professor to give his views.
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