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What happens in the brain when you learn a language?
(The Guardian- 4 September 2014)
Learning a foreign language can increase the size of your brain. This is what Swedish scientists discovered when they used brain scans to monitor what happens when someone learns a second language. The study is part of a growing body of research...
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Why Finland, Korea and Czech Republic get the most bang for their educational buck
(The Conversation- 5 September 2014)
There are around 1.3 billion children enrolled in primary and secondary schools worldwide. Each year, governments spend trillions of dollars on their education systems with the objective of educating children to the highest possible standard. Some governments use available budgets...
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For displaced Ukrainians, a troubled return to school
(Radio Free Europe- 5 September 2014)
Eduard Leontiyev is gearing up for the first day of school in Ulyanovsk, his new home city. The teenager moved to this Russian industrial city, 700 kilometers east of Moscow, last month after fleeing the fighting in eastern Ukraine with his parents and four siblings.
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Liberia: Senatorial aspirant wants steps taken to reopen schools
(allAfrica- 2 September 2014)
Professor Albert Tugbe Chie, one of the senatorial aspirants of GrandKru County, has called on government to reopen schools and that the closure of school should not go beyond the 90 days State of Emergency. According to the Grand Kru Senatorial aspirant's press statement...
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Dictionary reaches final definition after century
(BBC News- 31 August 2014)
A dictionary has finally been completed after more than a century of accumulating entries. The 17-volume dictionary of medieval Latin, launched in 1913, has reached its final definition, "zythum", a type of fermented malt drink. 
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How the job of a teacher compares around the world
(The Guardian- 5 September 2014)
There has long been a fascination with comparing the UK’s teaching system with what’s in place elsewhere in the world. Everyone from Ofsted chief Michael Wilshaw to the former education secretary Michael Gove have expressed admiration for...
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In Bosnia's schools, three different people learn three different histories
(The Christian Science Monitor- 31 August 2014)
When Daniel Eror studied World War II in high school, his textbook included one sentence noting that the Croatian fascist Ustase regime ran a concentration camp during the war. Only much later did Mr. Eror, now a university graduate, learn that the Jasenovac camp...
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Kung Fu Panda email error sparks LSE apology
(BBC News - 5 September 2014)
A top London university has apologised to students after a welcome email addressed them as Kung Fu Panda. The message left some students confused and others worried about "racial stereotyping".The London School of Economics...
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Vivas could help prevent cheating in Gulf
(Times Higher Education - 28 August 2014)
Replacing written exams or coursework with oral assessment may help to stop potentially high levels of cheating by students in universities in Gulf states, a study argues. While the exact number of cases of academic dishonesty in Arab countries is not known...
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Turkey’s education system 'more efficient' than Germany, Switzerland: Index
(Hurriyet Daily News - 5 September 2014)
Turkey ranks in the bottom third of a new international comparison of the efficiency of educational systems in 30 member countries of the 34-member Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), according to a recent index. 
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