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Teachers baffled over Nigeria school closures
(allAfrica- 27 August 2014)
Some education officials are baffled by the Nigerian government's decision to delay school openings nationwide in an effort to prevent the spread of Ebola. With only one current case of the disease in the country in a year where hundreds of children have been killed or kidnapped from their schoolhouses why cancel classes for Ebola?
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Losing strategy in Mass. on education and health care
(The Boston Globe- 24 August 2014)
The future is not up and to the right. Yet if you look at two of Massachusetts’ biggest industries — health care and education — that’s the trajectory. Better quality, high pay, strong reputations, expensive new facilities, and breakthrough innovations mean you can charge more, more, more. 
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How I quadrupled the number of pupils taking German in my school
(The Guardian- 27 August 2014)
German is the most important language in Europe. Developments in the EU and German chancellor Angela Merkel’s efforts to make the country a more prominent power have boosted interest in German among students. Germany is the biggest exporting nation in Europe and there are many career opportunities in the country.
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Academics and archaeologists fight to save Syria’s artifacts
(The New York Times- 24 August 2014)
 In 2011, after three decades of working in Syria, the archaeologist Glenn M. Schwartz was unable to return to his dig at the Bronze Age city of Umm el-Marra. The intensifying civil war had made work in the country impossible. Like many archaeologists of the Middle East, Mr. Schwartz, a professor at Johns Hopkins University...
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Alternative way of teaching maths increasingly popular in Czech schools
(Radio Prague- 27 August 2014)
If you ask Czech kids what is their most hated subject at school, the answer is nearly always the same: mathematics. This may soon change, however, with more and more schools pushing an alternative way of teaching mathematics, the so-called Hejný method. 
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Should you study something you love or a degree that will get you a job?
(The Guardian- 27 August 2014)
Choosing what to study at university is one of the biggest decisions you'll make as a young person. So how do you decide what's right for you? Should you follow your heart and study something you're really passionate about, regardless of where it might lead you, or should you instead opt for a degree with a more secure career route?
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Go north, young woman: Girl Scout survey reveals shortcomings of South
(Al Jazeera America- 26 August 2014)
If you want the best for your daughter, consider moving north. Where girls live in America matters to their overall comfort, health and prosperity, according to a report ranking every U.S. state and the District of Columbia.The latest in a series of reports on girls’ health and well-being by the Girl Scouts Research Institute...
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Pisa tests to include many more Chinese pupils
(BBC News- 26 August 2014)
There will be a much wider sample of Chinese pupils taking part in the next round of the international Pisa tests.Shanghai took part in the most recent tests and had the highest results. But there were claims that the city was not representative of schools in other parts of Chi
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Ukraine is getting ready for the new school year
 (SETimes- 26 August 2014)
To ensure that students start the school year in safe, clean schools, authorities in Kyiv said they are determined to repair educational institutions in Luhansk and Donetsk regions that have been damaged or destroyed in fighting with Kremlin-backed rebels.Ukraine's government finished reconstruction in all cities controlled by government forces...
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'Deeply elitist UK locks out diversity at top'
 (BBC News- 28 August 2014)
The UK is "deeply elitist" according to an analysis of the backgrounds of more than 4,000 business, political, media and public sector leaders. Small elites, educated at independent schools and Oxbridge, still dominate top roles, suggests the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission study.
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