South Africa welcomes Chinese language, influence in schools
(Voice of America- 10 March 2014)
South Africa's education minister says the nation of 11 official languages will introduce Mandarin into its school curriculum. The move is part of a greater effort to get closer to major trading partner China, and has been criticized and welcomed.
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Women trail men in securing research council grants
 (Times Higher Education- 13 March 2014)
Women are less successful than men in securing research council grant funding, according to new data (see graphs, below). The analysis by Research Councils UK suggests that female scientists lag behind men in terms of grant success rates at almost every stage of their careers.
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Macedonian students' 'hellish' dorm protest goes viral
(Balkan Insight- 13 March 2014)
Shocking images of the state of student dorms in Goce Delcev, the largest student dormitory in the capital, have drawn thousands of comments on the internet around the world.
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Education can help prevent obesity
(Voice of America- 12 March 2014)
In many middle and low income countries, obesity levels rise along with income.  But a new study says the better educated women are -- the better their chances of avoiding obesity.
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Businesses urged to donate more to global education
(BBC World News- 14 March 2014)
Big businesses should make a commitment to give at least 20% of philanthropic spending to education projects, according to an international campaign. It wants to reverse a trend that sees 16 times more corporate charitable spending on health than education.
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Branch campus students thrive on high-stakes contests
(University World News- 9 March 2014)
Student-life facilities at Dubai's Knowledge Village, or KV, are almost non-existent. A central food court with the odd coffee shop or student lounge provide the only gathering spaces for students enrolled in cross-border programs.
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How has debt from higher fees changed students?
(Times Higher Education- 13 March 2014)
Most students still feel positive about their investment in their education despite the higher tuition fees faced by first- and second-year students at university in 2013-14, the Sodexo-Times Higher Education University Lifestyle Survey reveals.
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Education programs try to close gaps in Myanmar
(The New York Times- 9 March 2014)
Across the marshes and open waters of Inle Lake, in Myanmar’s Shan State, motorboats and traditional canoes carry monks to temples and villagers to market, while fishermen with spherical wooden nets pull fish from the murky waters.

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Ucas sells access to student data for phone and drinks firms' marketing
(The Guardian- 12 March 2014)
Access to the data of more than a million teenagers and students and thousands of their parents is being sold to advertisers such as mobile phone and energy drinks companies by Ucas, the university applications body.
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A study seeks to determine what makes Pre-kindergarten successful
(The New York Times- 12 March 2014)
The teacher held up a card with a number on it, then looked at the 4-year-olds waving their hands eagerly in front of her. “Anderson,” she said, calling on a small boy in a blue button-up shirt and a sweater vest.
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