As New York city expands Pre-K, private programs fear teacher drain
(The New York Times- 8 July 2014)
When Michelle Arvelo returned to her prekindergarten classroom on June 30 after a weeklong vacation in the Dominican Republic, 18 exhilarated 4-year-olds sprinted to the door to greet her,  wrapping their arms around her thin frame and inquiring about her tan…
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Academic journal retracts articles over 'peer review ring' with bogus scholars
(The Guardian- 10 July 2014)
An academic journal has retracted dozens of articles and apologised to readers after falling victim to what it described as a “peer review ring” that appears to have involved more than 100 bogus scholars
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Ethiopia: Teaching a girl teaches a community
(allAfrica- 6 July 2014)
In 1990, the Italian World Cup was played to the sound of Luciano Pavarotti's Nessun Dorma. In that same year, 12.6 million under-fives died from largely preventable diseases, and 104 million children of primary school age were out of school.

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Shanghai 'copied England's inspection system'
(BBC News- 10 July 2014)
Shanghai, the highest performing education system in international tests, copied ideas for an inspection system from England, according to an education leader from the Chinese city. The trading of educational ideas was examined at the inaugural Education Reform Summit in London. 
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Commitment in Texas to fiscal restraint adds burden for education
(The New York Times- 10 July 2014)
Stacked up against other states, Texas public schools have consistently ranked among the bottom five nationally in per-student spending. And even with a growing population of economically disadvantaged and English-language learning students…
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EU funds helping disadvantaged in Romania
 (SETimes- 10 July 2014)
Cluj-Napoca, a city in northwest Romania, is using 4.1 million euros from the European Union for several projects to create jobs and educate children from socially disadvantaged groups. One of the projects is a children's centre to be opened this fall, which will be filled with furniture, appliances and teaching materials...
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Hare today and gone tomorrow
(openDemocracy Russia- 7 July 2014)
A recent St Petersburg conference dedicated to hares has become the unlikely subject of a feud between the Russian Ministry of Culture and academic institutions. In the past couple of years, the culture ministry, with Vladimir Medinsky at its helm, has been responsible for engineering huge reforms in Russia’s cultural institutions…
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'Give up' on gender equality in the sciences at school
 (The Telegraph- 11 July 2014)
Schools should abandon attempts to create more gender equality in the education system because the move will “completely deny human biology and nature”, according to an academic. The drive to push more girls into traditionally male-dominated subjects such as engineering...
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Australian universities don't value their Indigenous students and staff
(The Guardian- 10 July 2014)
Indigenous students can contribute a lot to university life, but harsh government policies have hit them particularly hard. When I first entered La Trobe University in 1997, things were tough. I might never have gone to university if I hadn't secured scholarships for my course fees and accommodation.
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32 worst exam howlers of all time
 (The Telegraph- 10 July 2014)
Every year university lecturers submit a series of silly answer papers to the Times Higher Education magazine's exam howlers competition. Whether intentional, mistaken or simply a bid to make their teachers laugh, we round up the worst howlers of all time.
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