Pressure on Thai students, scholars extends overseas
(University World News- 4 June 2014)
The long arm of Thailand’s military regime is attempting to extend its reach, with pressure being exerted on Thai students and scholars overseas. In advance of a seminar held in London at the School of Oriental and African Studies – SOAS – on Tuesday this week...
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School proms in Bulgaria, a vanity fair in EU's poorest country
(AFP- 2 June 2014)
Honking limousines and cheerful shouts by boys in suits resound across downtown Sofia as girls in lush evening gowns totter around on high heels or dance to loud music. At the end of May, thousands of graduating high-school students, aged 18 to 19, hold their extravagant proms -- a vanity fair in the EU's poorest country.
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Wear a Superman t-shirt to boost exam success
(The Telegraph- 31 May 2014)
Wearing a Superman t-shirt or a white coat can improve exam performance, researchers have found. Students put through mental ability tests and found that those wearing plain t-shirts gained an average of 64 per cent compared with those in Superman t-shirts who scored an average of 72 per cent.
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Offensive stereotypes apparently found in Hong Kong student textbooks
(The Huffington Post- 2 June 2014)
A blog started by a British expat living in Hong Kong has posted photos of local textbooks apparently featuring offensive stereotypes. Last week, activist and blogger Tom Grundy's Hong Wrong blog ran a post titled "Hong Kong Textbook Tells You to ‘Know Your Place'" highlighting photos of a primary school textbook lesson...
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Minister attacks myth of girls' jobs and boys' jobs
(BBC News- 3 June 2014)
A minister is set to challenge a "persistent and debilitating myth that girls don't do science". "No student should feel restricted by their gender", Jenny Willott, Women and Equalities Minister is expected to say. She will be speaking at the launch of a project to "stamp out gender bias" in schools...
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Language Transfer boosts community ties
(SETimes- 3 June 2014)
In a bid to bring the two communities of Cyprus together to practice their languages, the independent civil initiative Language Transfer is providing free workshops and downloadable audio courses in Greek, Turkish and the Cypriot languages.
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Macedonia's top university classes gays as deviants
(Balkan Insight- 3 June 2014)
Macedonia's main Sts Cyril and Methodius University has decided to establish a new "Institute for Family Studies" that will teach courses such as “Family Values and Morality”, “ Family and Social Deviations”, “Family and Religion” and “Family in Antiquity”.
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How to encourage students to read for pleasure: teachers share their top tips
(The Guardian- 3 June 2014)
The big challenge for teachers is not simply getting students to read – it's getting them to enjoy it too. It's one thing for students to trudge through set texts in a lesson, but will they open another book when they get home at the end of the day? The National Literacy Trust has noted that becoming a lifetime reader...
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Oral history: where next after the Belfast Project?
(Times Higher Education- 5 June 2014)
When Mary Marshall Clark set out to collect oral histories of the 11 September terrorist attacks, her first stop was the legal office at Columbia University, where she is director of the Center for Oral History Research. She asked: “What are the risks? Help me lower the risks” of chronicling this traumatic and emotional episode in an audio archive.
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Namibia: Open-air classrooms still order of the day
 (allAfrica- 4 June 2014)
In a small 'classroom' outside the northern town of Rundu, a group of pupils try their best to concentrate on the day's lesson while shielding themselves from the heat.The open-air classroom, whose 'wall' is made of sticks and thatch, is set up like a normal classroom with desks and chairs, except there is no roof above the heads of about 50 pupils.
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