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Silicon Valley turns its eye to education
(The New York Times- 11 January 2015)
The education technology business is chock-full of fledgling companies whose innovative ideas have not yet proved effective — or profitable. But that is not slowing investors, who are pouring money into ventures as diverse as free classroom-management apps for teachers and foreign language lessons for adult learners.
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Singapore: Parents take primary school maths classes
(BBC News- 9 January 2015)
Parents in Singapore are taking primary school maths classes in order to understand what their children go through, it's been reported. Adults are signing up for tuition so they can be helpful when their children have questions, the My Paper website reports. Parents at a "mastery workshop" run by one tuition centre pay $700 (£463) to spend...
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Tanzania: Free education back in Zanzibar
(allAfrica- 13 January 2015)
Zanzibar President Ali Mohamed Shein on Monday announced the revival of free education as the Isles marked 51 years of the Revolution. "From the next financial year, which begins in July 2015, parents will no longer be obliged to contribute fees for their children in primary schools," Dr Shein said at the end of his speech to mark the occasion...
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A school aide to the disabled sues New York City
(The New York Times- 13 January 2015)
Back in September, an occupational therapist ferociously devoted to disabled children in her public school was suspended for 30 days on charges so flagrantly trumped up that Vladimir V. Putin would blush to bring them. The therapist, Debra Fisher, has helped children to soar from wheelchairs. Last week, pro bono lawyers representing Ms. Fisher...
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UK graduate recruitment prospects 'at 10-year high
'(BBC News- 12 January 2015)
The first students to pay higher university tuition fees will graduate into the UK's most attractive job market for a decade, a study says. The High Fliers study of the graduate market in 2015 predicts recruitment will be at its highest for a decade. The key to securing a top role is undertaking work placements at the firm in question, the study suggests.
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Jan Heystek: Identifying the missing link in South African education
( 13 January 2015)
The sorry state of South Africa’s education system is obvious to all – from parents who are obliged to pay for private schooling in the absence of suitable state schooling to experts who compile international comparisons. But even private schooling isn’t the answer. Moving my own children from a (private) South African school into school in another country...
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Keep adding colour to academic online self-portraits
(Times Higher Education- 8 January 2015)
If early career researchers are not curating their own online profiles, they run the risk that others may see unflatteringly incomplete sketches of them. That is the warning from Chris Speed, chair in design informatics at the Edinburgh College of Art, who was speaking at a recent event for early career researchers in the arts and humanities.
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Even as India pours billions into education, rural schools continue to totter
(International Business Times- 14 January 2015)
Even as India boasts of some of the world's best engineering and business schools that are a challenge to get into, elementary education in the country, especially in the rural hinterlands, continues to languish, a new survey has revealed. According to the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) released Monday by the ASER Centre...
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Global universities take pride in hiring home-grown talent
(Times Higher Education- 8 January 2015)
Russian and Spanish universities are among those most likely to hire almost exclusively from their own PhD students, says a new global study of “academic inbreeding”. While most academics in the US and UK will study and work at a number of universities, there are many countries where a single university career is considered the norm...
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Integrating 3D printing education into a curriculum for girls in Africa
( 8 January 2015)
The Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF) is a global not-for-profit created in 2000. The goal of its creation is to partner with low-income communities in the US as well as rural areas in developing countries to, “create rich learning environments for youth and women to identify problems, learn about the causes, and apply appropriate technology...
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