Is technology a silver bullet for language teaching and learning?
(The Guardian- 12 May 2014)
Technology such as Twitter and videos does support language learning, but teachers will only see the benefits if it goes hand-in-hand with a change of pedagogy. "There is no longer a four-walled classroom," says Dr Cecilia Goria, of Nottingham University's Language Centre.
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Ontario teachers call Tim Hudak’s education plans ‘dangerous’
(Metro News- 14 May 2014)
Tim Hudak’s plans for education are “dangerous” and Ontario teachers will work to make sure the PCs aren’t elected, says the head of the country’s largest teacher union. Increasing class sizes, decreasing staffing — especially for full-day kindergarten — is “an outright attack on publicly funded education in this province.”
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Reading, writing, arithmetic, and lately, coding
(The New York Times- 10 May 2014)
Seven-year-old Jordan Lisle, a second grader, joined his family at a packed after-hours school event last month aimed at inspiring a new interest: computer programming. “I’m a little afraid he’s falling behind,” his mother, Wendy Lisle, said, explaining why they had signed up for the class at Strawberry Point Elementary School.
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Digital Dickens: manuscripts go online to help pupils appreciate the classics
(The Guardian- 15 May 2014)
As English teachers warn that students struggle to identify with classic authors such as Austen, Dickens and the Brontës, could online access to primary sources bring texts to life? Everyone has a moment when they discovered the potency of English literature for the first time.
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Ky. District 'keeps faith' on school desegregation
(Education Week- 10 May 2014)
Nearly two decades ago, when the school district here was still under a federal court order to desegregate its schools, 32 percent of the students at Wilt Elementary School were black. Nearly every other student was white.
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Museum interpreters breathing life into history
 (The New York Times- 14 May 2014)
For 62-year-old Kent Brinkley, one day at work is pretty much like the next. At 10 a.m., he storms the Palace, joining in the daily re-enactment of an April 1775 riot protesting the Virginia royal governor’s attempted seizure of arms.
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Cambridge beats Oxford to come top of university league table
(The Independent- 14 May 2014)
The annual clash of the academic titans has seen Cambridge University named the top higher educational institution in the UK. Beating Oxford University, with an overall score of 1,000 to the former’s 993, the elite establishment retained its number one spot in the Complete University Guide’s (CUG) 2015 rankings for the fourth year running.
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In new textbook, the story of Singapore begins 500 years earlier
 (The New York Times- 14 May 2014)
Singapore has rewritten the history taught in secondary school to expand the story of the island state’s birth.While earlier generations learned a narrative that essentially started in 1819 with the British colonial administrator, Sir Stamford Raffles, stumbling upon a sleepy Malay fishing village, 13-year-olds now learn of a golden age that started 500 years earlier.
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Tanzania: Let’s tackle the primary school leaving exam
(Human Rights Watch- 13 May 2014)
Last Saturday, Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda opened Education Week at Jamhuri stadium in Dodoma, setting off a national debate about the state of schooling in Tanzania. The week’s theme is “Quality education for all is possible.”
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Performance training vs academics: the challenges of arts school
 (The Guardian- 11 May 2014)
A rounded education makes you a more versatile performer – principal Stefan Anderson discusses his approach to leading a specialist arts school. Stefan Anderson is principal at Tring Park School for the Performing Arts, an independent school that specialises in dance, drama, musical theatre and music education for ages 8-18.
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