Research: 73 percent of students want to leave Serbia after graduation
(inSerbia- 19 March 2014)
A research conducted by the website “”, which was done in the past three months, has shown that as many as 73 percent of surveyed students want to leave Serbia after graduation.
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Language learning: what motivates us?
(The Guardian- 19 March 2014)
What happens in the brain when we try to learn a language can tell us a lot about what drives us to learn it in the first place. Lauren Razavi unpacks the science
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Croatian island children connect with online learning
(New Straits Times- 15 March 2014)
For Croatia, making sure the five children on the tiny island of Susak get good schooling is not only a civic responsibility, it’s a way of ensuring the viability of its sparsely populated Adriatic islands.
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Shabana Basij-Rasikh: education is not for an individual alone
(The Telegraph- 18 March 2014)
Shabana Basij-Rasikh, president of the School of Leadership, Afghanistan, this weekend called for a push towards universal education for girls, saying her school looks at every single student as "a future leader."
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Religious education 'helps communities get along'
(BBC News- 18 March 2014)
Shortages of qualified religious education teachers could harm inter-community relations, a group of MPs and peers says. The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on RE says it can play a role in defeating religious extremism.
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Of all the world's children deprived of education, two-fifths are disabled
(The Guardian- 18 March 2014)
It is dark and still in the smooth-walled room in Mifumi village. Hamza Kamuna, tall and well built and wearing a T-shirt peppered with little holes, sits with his legs apart on a small wooden chair, his arms resting on his flared jeans.
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HN: Many Czech students study abroad, including in Middle East
(CTK- 17 March 2014)
More and more Czech secondary school leavers choose universities abroad and besides traditional foreign destinations, such as Britain and the United States, they turn to the rich Middle East, daily Hospodarske noviny (HN) writes Monday.
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Pupil Aaron Parfitt excluded after school protest calling for MORE homework
(The Independent- 18 March 2014)
A 14-year-old boy has been excluded from school after leading fellow pupils in a class walkout - because he wanted his teachers to hand out more homework.

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School heads warn of budget 'snatchback' on pensions
(BBC News- 15 March 2014)
Schools in England face having their budget increases "snatched back", a head teachers' union has warned. The government announced on Thursday that schools in England will receive an extra £350m in 2015-16.
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The ‘best’ for Filipino students
( 18 March 2014)
For 12-year-old Joemayleen Naquita, waking up for school on a February day was as exciting as rising on Christmas morning. That day, she and millions of other students across the Philippines received a gift she called “unpayable”: AUD$150 million or P6 billion in education assistance from the Australian government.
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