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With climbing graduation rates come renewed doubts
(International New York Times- 25 September 2014)
A decade ago, Texas was often cited as an example of the ills that contributed to a national high school graduation crisis. As the state weathered scandals over the way some districts calculated graduation rates, it became identified in national reports as the epicenter for chronically underperforming schools known as “dropout factories.”
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How blind Victorians campaigned for inclusive education
(BBC News- 1 October 2014)
Disabled people's voices are often missing from mainstream history, but texts reveal that a group of forgotten blind activists fought for inclusive education during the Victorian times. Historically, education for children with disabilities, in so far as it has existed at all...

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Africa: UNESCO chief lauds China's effort in supporting education in Africa
(allAfrica- 26 September 2014) 
China has been making great efforts in supporting the education system in Africa, a senior UN official said in New York on Wednesday. China is giving money to help support Africa's education system, Irina Bokova, director-general of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and...
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Balkan, Turkish universities to co-operate under new association
(SETimes- 30 September 2014)
Turkish and Balkan universities laid the ground for a Balkan Universities Association (BUA) with a meeting on September 11th at Trakya University in Edirne. Delivering a speech during the inaugural meeting, the rector of Trakya University...
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'Teachers not footballers' needed by Brazil
(BBC News- 30 September 2014)
In the run up to this year's World Cup in Brazil there were protest banners reading: "Teachers are more important than footballers." For Brazil, this is saying something. And when Brazilians go to the polls for the first round of the presidential elections this week...

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New universities in Asia outranking young colleges in the West
(International New York Times- 28 September 2014)
Young Asian universities are outdoing their young western counterparts in research and teaching, but established education powerhouses in the United States and Europe continue to dominate academia at the highest levels, according to the educational consulting firm...
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Colorado teachers stage mass sick-out to protest US history curriculum changes
(The Guardian- 30 September 2014)
Two high schools in Colorado canceled classes Monday after dozens of teachers called in sick in protest of a conservative school board’sproposal to change the history curriculum. This is the second such teacher sick-out in two weeks and comes on the heels of...
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Tired of Tajikistan’s deplorable schools, parents want Russian
(EurasiaNet- 29 September 2014)
Many parents in Tajikistan view the start of the school year with a bit of trepidation: while students wrestle with their lessons, adults must reach for their wallets. An increasing number are willing to spend sizable sums to get their kids into Russian-language classes.
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OECD study: Education levels average in Finland
(Uutiset- 1 October 2014)
A fresh OECD report has made surprising findings about Finland’s education levels. While young adults are among the best-educated in the world, older adults often missed out on higher level training, bringing down the country’s overall performance in international...”
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Wanted: pupils to campaign for education for all
(The Guardian- 30 September 2014)
The search is on for two sparky, committed year-10 pupils who can inspire young people in the UK to campaign for quality education for children around the world. The two students who are chosen will travel to Bangladesh to see progress towards the Global Campaign for Education...
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