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Study finds France has lowest level of English proficiency in Europe
( 17 November 2014)
Among European Union countries the French have the lowest level of English proficiency out of all nationalities, a new report by an international language training company has found. A study by the firm Education First looked at levels of English proficiency in 63 countries and France...
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Non-formal education in Belarus: Unleashing the civil society potential
(Belarus Digest- 18 November 2014)
Over the past couple of years informal education has witnessed remarkable growth in Belarus. It offers Belarusians possibilities missing at the nation's over-regulated state-run universities. New grass-roots initiatives such as the European College of Liberal Arts and...
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From Bhutan to Brazil, they come to learn English in India
(Business Standard- 19 November 2014)
From Indian bureaucrats to executives from as many as 87 countries around the world, when it comes to gaining proficiency in English, it is not England they go to but India. Indian defence personnel to Indian Foreign Service (IFS) probationers, corporate executives...
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To help language skills of children, a study finds, text their parents with tips
(The New York Times- 14 November 2014)
With research showing language gaps between the children of affluent parents and those from low-income families emerging at an early age, educators have puzzled over how best to reach parents and guide them to do things like read to their children and talk to them regularly.
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University trans awareness poster prompts huge response
(The Telegraph- 18 November 2014)
A transgender poster from Bristol University’s LGBT society came under fire from the feminist community after it went viral over the weekend. The signs, which have been put up in every toilet on the university campus, were created as part of Bristol Union’s Trans Awareness Week in solidarity with its trans* student community. 
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Modern-day segregation in public schools
(The Atlantic- 18 November 2014)
A U.S. Department of Education press release last month had a disorienting, retro ring to it: “Black students to be afforded equal access to advanced, higher-level learning opportunities,” the announcement proclaimed—six decades after the country’s...
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A familiar anger begins to boil again in Mexico
(The New York Times- 15 November 2014)
The fate of 43 college students missing and presumed killed and burned to ashes in a mass abduction in September has bred ire and indignation in many corners of Mexico. Spectators held up posters with the faces of the students at a soccer match last week between Mexico and the Netherlands. 

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Myanmar students protest against education law for third day
(Reuters- 16 November 2014)
Hundreds of Myanmar university students marched through Yangon for a third day in a row on Sunday, in a rare and illegal protest against a new education law they say will curb academic freedom. Protesters carried bright red flags emblazoned with a golden fighting peacock.
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Racism, segregation, and rejection
(New Europe- 13 November 2014)
My colleagues recently told me about a young girl Jana* whom they had met. She told them of how she had been called ‘black mouth’, been told she ‘looked disgusting’, and had had her shoes hidden by her class-mates, leaving her barefoot in the snow. When her family raised this with the school, nothing was done. 
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Thousands of students expected to march in London for free education
(The Guardian- 18 November 2014)
Thousands of students are expected to march through central London on Wednesday, to demand that politicians scrap tuition fees. The demonstration, organised by the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) and the Student Assembly Against Austerity...
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