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Are schools teaching children enough about financial education?
(The International- 17 December 2014)
Financial education was added to secondary schools' curriculum in September, but there's still an awful lot of work to be done. The ideal? To produce young adults who leave school with a real sense of the value of money so that they are less likely to fall into debt problems. 
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A wave crests: Silicon Valley, postsecondary education and a half-trillion dollars
(TechCrunch- 16 December 2014)
It’s easy to forget that these are early days for the Internet. We still have different ideas on what it is or how it should work. The web is governed by an iterative improvement process that moves faster than any other invention in human history. Ed tech is no exception. 
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Israel slowly reducing ‘separation barriers’ between Arabs, Jews in education, report finds
(The Jerusalem Post- 17 December 2014)
The Israeli education system is in the midst of a slow process of reducing separation between Jews and Arabs, according to the annual Taub Center State of the Nation report released Wednesday. The report found that the population of pupils attending mixed schools – those in which more than 1 percent of the pupils are Jews...

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Corruption's effects on education in Pakistan
(Transparency International- 16 December 2014)
Malala Yousafzai’s Nobel Peace Prize should remind people that there are more children out of school in Pakistan (5.5 million) than any country in the world except Nigeria. But because of corruption, merely investing in the Pakistani education system is not sufficient...
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Student creates YouTube takedown of South Korean education system
(The Wall Street Journal- 16 December 2014)
South Korean students consistently rank among the world’s top performers on international tests but it’s difficult to find anyone who thinks the country’s high-pressure schools make an ideal environment for the long-term development of kids.In a fun but damning English-language take on the situation...
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Can Russia’s business education segment adapt to new challenges?
(Russia Beyond the Headlines- 12 December 2014)
Business education has become the first educational segment in Russia to become completely self-regulating. On Sept. 1, 2013, the government ceased to regulate (in other words, set standards and issue state diplomas) all further education, which includes business education. 
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How to survive the worst moments of learning a language
(The Guardian- 17 December 2014)
Learning a language makes an appearance on a lot of bucket lists. People picture themselves strolling through a market in a foreign land, conversing easily with locals – and you always look tanned in the daydream, too. But on the way to becoming the fluent and unaccountably sexier new you, ...

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Sex education from church and state sends mixed messages in Vietnam
(The Guardian- 15 December 2014)
On a Saturday morning, about 100 people gather for mass at Thai Ha church in Hanoi. During the sermon, the priest talks about the dangers of sex before marriage and the sin of killing an unborn child. Behind the pews, on a table, sits a small coffin containing foetuses and stillborn babies collected by volunteers...
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South Sudan conflict having devastating impact on education
(Thomson Reuters Foundation- 15 December 2014)
The conflict in South Sudan is continuing to have a devastating impact on children's education one year after violence first erupted, warns charity Plan International. At least 1.7 million school-age children are out of education in the country. Many have had to flee their homes and school buildings are either damaged...
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Private-state school partnerships: Workable? Desirable?
(BBC News- 16 December 2014)
The Labour party says if it is elected it will force private schools to do more with the state sector or risk losing their business rate relief. But do partnerships between private and state schools work? A Mandarin lesson is under way in the 17th Century oak-panelled library at Merchant Taylors' school in Liverpool.
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