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Parents’ preschool co-op breaks the education mould in Greece
(Co-operative News- 4 November 2014)
The Greek economic crisis led to devastating cuts in social services, including preschool childcare – but a new model of education is now emerging, with parents forming a co-operative to fill the gap. The Halandri Parents Social Cooperative Enterprise is only the second co-operative care-giving enterprise...
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Why typos and spelling mistakes don't really matter
(BBC News- 3 November 2014)
We should not get overly obsessed with making spelling mistakes or typos, because they are not what makes our writing good or bad, says author and Financial Times columnist Lucy Kellaway. In a recent column about Sheryl Sandberg, I spelt her first name with a C. 
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Study: Long-term shift work lessens brain power
(CNN- 5 November 2014)
It's not the news that any shift worker wants to hear. Not only is working irregular hours bad for your social life and likely your health, but it has a chronic effect on your ability to think, a new study has found. The study, published in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine...
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Creditors keep troubled law schools on life support
(The New York Times- 4 November 2014)
A recent debt restructuring at Thomas Jefferson School of Law shows that a law school may be worth absolutely nothing. We are more than four years into a law school pullback, one made worse by a sharp downturn in jobs for lawyers and heated rhetoric by critics who say law schools are loading up students with debt and no jobs.
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Dog cancer research advances knowledge of human cancer
(DogTime- 4 November 2014)
A team of doctors at Mississippi State University are studying tiny blood platelets to better understand how cancer advances in dogs and in humans. Dr. Camillo Bulla, an associate professor in the university’s pathobiology and population medicine department, tells a reporter at Science Daily, ...
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History teachers on Twitter: who to follow
(The Guardian- 5 November 2014)
History teachers are well-versed with using creative techniques to explore historical subjects – from web chats with professors to exploring the provenance of food. And just like the battle of the titans, when it comes to the best tweeters and bloggers on history there are some heavy weight...
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Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg speaking Chinese: Foolish or brave?
(CNN- 4 November 2014)
Who would've thought? Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg speaks Mandarin. When I first read a banner headline saying that the 20-something billionaire spoke fluently in Chinese, I was skeptical. Yes, I know he's young and smart. Yes, he's married to Priscilla Chan, a publicity-shy...
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Student loans: The talented state school pupils denied funding
(BBC News- 31 October 2014)
"I've got the grades, I've been to sixth form, I've studied for my exams, I did everything that's within my power." Eighteen-year old Astou Diakhate should have started her law degree this month. She was born in Spain to Senegalese parents, but has been educated in English state schools since she was 12 years old.
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Re-designing play in Indian primary education
(The Conversation- 2 November 2014)
Last week, I arrived in India for five weeks of fieldwork on the role of the designer in changing values about natural indigo in contemporary India. This had given me the opportunity to interview interesting Indian designers and craftspeople. On 27 October, I sat down to interview Ms.Surabhi Khanna...
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Ready for a close up? 12 tips on how to use film creatively in class
(The Guardian- 4 November 2014)
Think carefully about where the film will be shown and don’t rely on laptop speakers – our experts share their tips on using film successfully in lessons. Setting up a room properly, dimming the lights and ensuring the sound is audible, are basic steps to using film effectively in lessons. 
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