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German reforms give students ‘substantial’ financial boost
(Times Higher Education- 2 October 2014)
Students in Germany will be eligible for significantly improved benefits and subsidies from the start of the 2016-17 academic year. The changes, announced in August and described by the federal Education Ministry as “substantial”, will raise the monthly ceiling on the Bafög (a support package that is 50 per cent grant, ...
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Africa: View on disability - Are disabled kids in school after all?
(allAfrica- 3 October 2014)
SciDev.Net recently reported on an economic analysis by Nobel laureate Eric Maskin that presents education as a solution to inequality. Education is often promoted as a route out of poverty. And when it comes to schooling disabled children, many global development professionals believe the biggest challenge is to simply get them...
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Migrant children denied an equal chance at university
(The Guardian- 7 October 2014)
After a stellar school career, and with an offer to study law at the London School of Economics, Chrisann Jarrett was confident of her future. Educated in England for 10 years, having arrived in the UK from Jamaica when she was eight, and head girl of her school in Hackney, London, she expected to be treated no differently from her classmates...
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Homework 'damages’ primary age pupils
(The Telegraph- 5 October 2014)
Primary-age pupils should be effectively exempt from homework because it is damaging childhood and creating tensions between families, a private school head has warned. Teachers should stop setting work until the final few years of primary education to prevent pupils being overloaded at a young age...
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Policing university partnerships in authoritarian countries
(The New York Times- 5 October 2014)
A year ago, Wellesley College found itself embroiled in a debate about academic freedom in China. Led by Thomas Cushman, a sociology professor at the college, a group of faculty members rallied support for a Peking University professor who said he was under fire for his political views. Mr. Cushman and others argued that the case raised...
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10 university tweeters who aren’t human
(Times Higher Education- 6 October 2014)
The vast majority of tweets are sent by humans. However, lurking in the corridors, libraries and grounds of the UK’s universities are a number of animals, buildings and even ghosts that have signed up to the micro-blogging social network to keep their followers informed.
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London School of Economics disbands men’s rugby club over misogynist leaflet
(The Guardian- 7 October 2014)
The London School of Economics has disbanded its men’s rugby club after a leaflet distributed by members that contained homophobic and misogynist slurs “brought shame” on the university. In a statement on Tuesday evening, Nona Buckley-Irvine, general secretary of LSE students’ union, said the club would be disbanded...
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Empowering Peru through education
(The South Texan- 2 October 2014)
Wilson Sagastegui, a Peruvian scholar, was invited to Texas A&M University-Kingsville for a month in order to share his knowledge of Peru. Sagastegui is currently working for a non-governmental organization called “Practical Action” which focuses on educating the poor to empower them.
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Why Finland's schools are top-notch
(CNN- 6 October 2014)
Millions of American parents spend countless hours trying to figure out how to help their children get better grades, better teachers or better schools.They may want to take a page from Finland, which is considered to have one of the leading education systems in the world. Finnish students consistently score near the top...
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How school lunch became the latest political battleground
(The New York Times- 7 October 2014)
The lunch ladies loved Marshall Matz. For more than 30 years, he worked the halls and back rooms of Washington for the 55,000 dues-paying members of the School Nutrition Association, the men and still mostly women who run America’s school-lunch programs. They weren’t his firm’s biggest clients...
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