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TOL runs a program funded by the Open Society Institute (OSI) designed to train journalists to write on education topics and raise public awareness on education issues. As part of the project, we issue a bi-monthly newsletter on the program and other news provided by OSI's Education Support Program.

South Africa: Equal Education Organizes Sleep-In Outside Parliament
On 12 and 13 July, members of Equal Education braved the chilly Cape Town winter nights and staged a sleep-in outside the gates of the South African Parliament...

Romania: Second Chance for Education in Rural Areas
Soros Foundation Romania launched “Second Chance in Education”, a three years project aiming to prevent and reduce early school leaving in 21 rural communities. The project addresses the fourth target of New Europe 2020 ...

Turkey: Looking at History through a Variety of Lenses
Imagine the wonderful surroundings of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey in April 2012; a landscape plastered with heritage sites form different times and cultures, and inspiring encounters with 200 fellow history educators ....

Caucasus: Summer Camp Prompts Intercultural Cooperation
Cross Border Intercultural Cooperation in the Caucasus ....

Argentina: Virtual Campus Promotes Learning in Primary Schools
Fundación Leer, non profit organization promoting literacy in Argentina since 1997, began to experience the integration of information and communication technologies to train teachers ...

Romania: Addressing the Children Left Behind
“The age at which people leave the country to go work abroad is increasingly becoming younger, and it seems that working abroad seems to be transmitted from one generation to  ...

Slovakia: LEGO Helps Children Learn Geometry
               Summer Camp Teaches Cooperation
               Dog Barking Can Be a Treat

Georgia: International Project No Child Left Behind General Education

China: New Progress in Research in Chinese Education NGOs

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18 August 2011

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Transitions Online (TOL often publishes articles that cover education-related topics. Some recent examples include:

When Education was Dogma
Teachers enjoyed stature, but facts and creativity were absent in the communist classroom.
By Irena Jurjevic, Nino Chimakadze, Grigore Brinza, and Ksenia Korzun
24 August 2011

In Sofia, Roma Get a Taste of Success 

Health workers offer a package of education, nutrition, and child care, and Roma start to expand their horizons.
By Anita Komuves
4 August 2011

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