Some Chinese are willing to pay $60,000 for a college application
(Forbes- 30 July 2014)
On certain weekends in May, June and October, hotels in Hong Kong are hard to book. They are fully packed with mainland Chinese students who arrive with piles of exam-preparation and Barron 3500 vocabulary sheets. 
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Nigeria: Stakeholder lauds introduction of new curriculum in Nigerian schools
(allAfrica- 31 July 2014)
Chairman of Jextoban Secondary School Emmanuel Adedayo Ojo has described the introduction of a new curriculum in the nation's secondary schools as one of the best efforts made towards transforming the sector in recent times.
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Oxford to Yemen: from literary scholar to tribal adviser
(Times Higher Education- 31 July 2014)
Elisabeth Kendall’s work on jihadist poetry led to tribespeople seeking her expertise. “You know how in the Asterix books they form the turtle formation of shields?” asks Elisabeth Kendall, senior research fellow in Arabic and Islamic studies...
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Graduate students in Norway face deportation due to U.N. Iran sanctions
(Care2- 31 July 2014)
In January of this year, the interim deal with Iran regarding its nuclear program went into effect. The deal outlined a series of give-and-take details between Iran and the six nations, including the United States, involved in the Geneva talks.  
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Education fund 'champions' vocational projects
(The Telegraph- 29 July 2014)
Seven educational projects have today been awarded grants totalling over half a million pounds, in a bid to “champion” vocational, practical and technical education.The fund, launched in January by the Edge Foundation to mark the charity’s 10 year anniversary...
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Chinese female students demand compulsory sex education in schools
(Women of China- 30 July 2014)
More than 10 female college students from all over the country gathered at the gates of Beijing Normal University on July 28 to address the demands for college students to be given formal lessons in sex education and gender equality.
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Indian Education Association opposes Berlin's continuing use of Indian mascot
(The Cap Times- 1 August 2014)
The Wisconsin Indian Education Association is running three ads over the next week in the Oshkosh Northwestern newspaper to keep attention on an upcoming decision by the Berlin Area School District over whether to continue using its headdress-clad Indian chief as a school mascot.
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Education innovation in Ghana helps girls realise their potential
(The Telegraph- 31 July 2014)
A project seeking to get Ghana's most at risk girls back into the classroom, via virtual learning and female role models, could transform the prospects of many, says Chris Kirk. Across the globe, there is an increasing awareness that the fight for gender equality starts at school.  
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Second-chance med school
(The New York Times- 31 July 2014)
Sitting around an outdoor table at the Red Crab, a restaurant on the tropical island of Grenada festooned with palm trees and fiery bougainvillea, a dozen aspiring doctors bashfully conceded that they had been, at best, near misses when it came to getting into medical school in the United States.
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Gay foundation gives Dignity USA $200,000 to oppose Catholic teaching at synod
(Life Site News- 31 July 2014)
A pro-gay foundation has given a $200,000 grant to Dignity USA, an organization devoted to promoting Catholic acceptance of homosexuality, to “counter the narrative of the Catholic Church” on same-sex relationships in the next two years as the Church undergoes its Synod...
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