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Colleges’ shift on four-year scholarships reflects players’ growing power
(The New York Times- 28 October 2014)
Earlier this month, the Big Ten announced that it would become the first conference to guarantee its athletic scholarships for four years, a change from the widely followed practice of offering a single-year scholarship that can be renewed. Effective immediately, the Big Ten...
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Faltering, falling behind: India’s higher education system
(IndiaSpend Team - 24 October 2014)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently urged doctors at the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) to stay back and serve their country. The call highlights some of the larger challenges in India’s higher-education system. 
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Where do billionaires go to university?
(BBC News- 29 October 2014)
Are the super-rich more likely to be better educated? Or have they spurned scholarship and dedicated themselves to the serious business of being seriously rich? According to a global census of dollar billionaires, almost two-thirds have a university degree. 
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Nigeria: How Nigerian English may cause you to be mistaken for a 419 email scammer
(allAfrica- 26 October 2014)
Have you ever sent an email to someone or some people in the United States, Canada, Britain or some other English-speaking Western country and didn't get a response? Well, it is entirely possible that your email didn't even make it to their inbox.
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What I learned in a sexual consent class at Oxford
(The Guardian- 28 October 2014)
New students – both undergrad and postgrad – at Oxford and Cambridge are coming to terms with a controversial inclusion in their timetables: sexual consent workshops have been added to induction programmes, nestled between fire safety talks...
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Big brother in the academy
(Times Higher Education- 23 October 2014)
With the publication of yet another major review of university efficiency just months away, higher education institutions are under intense pressure to prove that they are spending their money wisely. Vice-chancellors may have hoped that they had seen the...
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Roma complain of Czech school segregation
(BBC News- 28 October 2014)
The Czech Republic is breaching EU anti-discrimination law by sending a disproportionately high number of Roma children to special schools for children with learning difficulties, the European Commission says. The Commission has initiated what it calls "infringement proceedings..." 
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Berkeley students bid to ban 'blatant bigot' Bill Maher from commencement ceremony
(The Guardian- 28 October 2014)
University students in California have launched a campaign to stop the TV host Bill Maher from giving a commencement address because of his “dangerous” views on Islam and other religions. An online petition to remove the TV host as a keynote speaker at a UC Berkeley...
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Russian schools: Feel the difference
(The Institute of Modern Russia- 23 October 2014)
Education reform has brought much chaos to the complex Russian education system. Holdovers from Soviet schools are mingled with issues arising from politics and the reforms themselves. Moscow journalist and mother of two Olga Melnikova shares her experience...
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An American school immerses itself in all things Chinese
(The New York Times- 26 October 2014)
On weekday mornings, a stream of orange buses and private cars from 75 Minnesota postal codes wrap around Yinghua Academy, the first publicly funded Chinese-immersion charter school in the United States, in the middle-class neighborhood of Northeast Minneapolis.
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