Afghan notebook: First timers
(BBC News- 24 April 2014)
One of the hallmarks of the Afghan presidential election has been the prominent role of young voters and activists. First-time voters boosted turnout when ballots were cast earlier this month and many young people acted as election observers.
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British students 'being driven overseas by fees hike'
 (The Telegraph- 24 April 2014)
Rising numbers of students are considering taking courses overseas, driven by an increase in tuition fees in the UK and the need for "travel and adventure", study by the British Council finds.
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Pupils freeze as funds rerouted to highway
(Balkan Insight- 23 April 2014)
Children at the Shaban Spahija School in the western Kosovo town of Peja huddle together in the winter months, placing their bags in front of broken windows to block the chill wind.
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Elites open wallets in education 'arms race'
(The Sydney Morning Herald- 20 April 2014)
Sydney's top independent schools are outspending public schools by three to one as they invest in libraries, lecture theaters and gyms in a multimillion-dollar ''arms race'' to attract lucrative enrollments.
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School in the cloud: Children with mentors on the other side of the world
(BBC News- 25 April 2014)
Five years ago, an Indian schoolboy struck up an unlikely friendship with a retired teacher in London - and with her help he is now studying to be a doctor. Even though they live thousands of miles apart and have never met, they can't imagine life without each other.
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NC agrees to give rejected charter-school applicants another chance
( 24 April 2014)
The State Board of Education on Thursday agreed to offer rejected charter-school applicants a second chance after two-thirds of those that wanted to open in 2015 were turned down by an advisory board.
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Learning the importance of careers advice – the hard way
(The Telegraph- 22 April 2014)
Our education system has been crying out for better careers advice for apprenticeships, says Tiana Locker, hopefully they will now get the attention they deserve.
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Iran seeks to offset advancement of women in medicine
 (RFE/RL- 25 April 2014)
"Parisa" is among the thousands of young women who have transformed the once male-dominated field of medicine in Iran. Whereas men made up 70 percent of the country's medical students and physicians about 20 years ago, women have now reversed the situation.
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Macedonia promotes education for Roma population
(SETimes- 21 April 2014)
Macedonia is investing nearly 2 million euros to build and equip the first Roma high school in Suto Orizari in Skopje, where 30,000 Roma live. "We expect the structure to be finished [this] month and the high school will be fully functional for the upcoming academic year.”
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World Book Day - New UN report spotlights potential of mobile technology to advance literacy
(allAfrica- 23 April 2014)
Mobile technology can advance literacy and learning in underserved communities around the world, according to a new report published today by the United Nations education agency on the occasion of World Book and Copyright Day.
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