Governor Cuomo Approves MISSing Angels Bill for NY state

NY becomes 32nd state to make MISSing Angels bill into law!

Friday, Sept 23rd, Governor Cuomo Approved MISSing Angels Bill for NY state  

For many years, families of the MISS Foundation have been participating in a grass roots movement to have Certificates of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth made into law, state by state across the U.S..  Dr. Joanne Cacciatore, mother to Cheyenne, was the first to coordinate Arizona families and lead them to the passing of the MISSing Angels bill in Arizona state in 2001.

Since then Dr. Cacciatore has worked with MISS families to rally in 31 other states, working together with MISS volunteers and any other families and organizations that wanted to partner with us for this movement.  Hard battles have been fought and won in tough states like California, Pennsylvania, and now New York to bring us up to 32 states total now offering stillbirth families a CBRS.

We would especially like to thank all our New York families, including our MISS MAB Coordinators for NY state, Jeff & Lori Tieger, Janet Press, and Paige Ricci along with Daryl Logullo who has helped consult with our MAB Coordinators in every state.  We also want to acknowledge all of you who sent emails, made calls, and sent letters to Governor Cuomo during this latest effort.  With Jeanne Frey's permission, we are touched and honored to share Angelina's story via the letter that was sent to Governor Cuomo as we were all urging him to do the right thing and sign the MISSing Angels Bill into law for NY state.  Here's to the 32nd state coming on board for Angelina and all the babies we so MISS:

Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor, State of New York
The Capital
Albany, New York 12224

Dear Governor Cuomo,
On June 16th the New York legislature overwhelmingly passed a bill to provide a Certificate of Still Birth. Bills A 8178a & S.3111b to help provide much-needed comfort, dignity, and documentation to women and their families who have experienced the tragedy of stillbirth. This public health crisis devastates more than 1700 New York families each year, and nearly 30,000 nationwide.

In 1942 my mother suffered the stillbirth of my sister Angelina. It took me 67 years to find were she was buried on HART ISLAND, NYC  with 700,000 other babies in mass graves. If this bill had been in effect so many years ago. Documentation would have been given to parents and they would not still be looking for their babies today. This bill corrects an inequity that has existed not just for years, but for generations!!!!  The major religions did not allow burials in private cemeteries many years ago, so many of them ended up in Potters Fields, and the parents especially during the 40’s during WWII were not given any documentation not even death certificates.

My family and I ask you in memory of these innocent babies of Hart Island, to sign this bill so this tragedy will never happen again in New York State.

Respectfully yours,
Jeanne Frey and Family

For full information about the MISSing Angels Bill movement, including our history, coverage in People Magazine and Huffington Post, along with a State Chart showing our progress and work still to be done, please visit

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