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How to Identify Today’s Conservative Thinkers

Where do you find great thinkers who can offer substantial insight into our confusing times?

It’s not easy.

But it helps if you know what to look for.

Why Conservative-Minded Thinkers Are Often “Hiding in Plain Sight”

In this week’s Intercollegiate Review article, Gracy Olmstead offers a guide to finding conservative-minded thinkers “in the wild.”

Following in the footsteps of Edmund Burke and Russell Kirk, Olmstead shows how first understanding the “conservative state of mind” helps you discover conservative intellectuals, often in unexpected places.

She gives you a head start, too, by listing 54 thinkers you should engage.

How many of them do you know?
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Pruning the Mind During a Crisis

Let’s face it: the pandemic is distracting.

Your life and routine are in disarray.

You want to use this time well, but it’s easy to lose focus—and even to feel guilty for pursuing the life of the mind during a crisis.

What C.S. Lewis Learned from His War Experience

In the Hedgehog Review, Margarita Mooney reveals that the greatest threat to your pursuit of truth isn’t the crisis outside . . .

. . . it’s something within, invisible.

Read her short article to counter this threat, and see how C.S. Lewis’s war experiences shaped his view of learning during crisis.
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From the Archives

Hating Lincoln

Who in the world could possibly hate Abraham Lincoln?

Isn’t he one of the most popular American presidents of all time?

Well, not exactly . . .

Discover why in this riveting lecture by award-winning historian Allen C. Guelzo.
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The Inside Story of the Quietest (and Most Controversial) Supreme Court Justice

Clarence Thomas is the longest-serving justice on the current U.S. Supreme Court.

He remains the most controversial—loved by some, reviled by others.

Thomas is also the quiet justice: he almost never asks questions from the bench and rarely speaks publicly.

You probably don’t know more than a few headlines and the recollections of his contentious confirmation battle with Anita Hill.

But documentary filmmaker Michael Pack has secured unprecedented access to Clarence Thomas . . .

 . . . and on April 29, you can hear the inside story.

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"do justly: Love mercy; Walk humbly; This is enough for You to know and to do." John Adams

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