104 is launching soon but the supply list is available now!
Dear <<First Name>>,

My next online class, Dyeing 104: Multi Color Silk fabric is launching soon! Fingers crossed I can launch before I head to the East Coast at the very end of this month for a family wedding. 

I am SO excited to share with you my methods of dyeing silk that use all the same dyes and soda ash that I do for dyeing cotton. Ah, except one dye, a special Procion MX dye called "Silk Black", that is the ONLY dye I've found to dye! So you'll want to order some of that. But more importantly, you want to know what silk I'm dyeing and where to get it - well, at least some of you do as I've had some emails and blog comments asking about this.

Therefore, I wanted to let you know that the class supply list can be download right here.

In session 1 I cover a lot about silk, but for those of you who want to know what sort of silk to buy, here's a crash course:

Silk weight is measured in momme (mm). The larger the number, the heavier/thicker it is. Here's a picture of 3 different weights of silk fabric:

All three of those fabrics are a Habotai, which has a nice subtle shine to it, but not the glossy sheen I associate with silk. I personally prefer charmeuse (and I explain all these terms in session 1). Here's a picture of Habotai vs. Charmeuse, where you can see the difference in how shiny they are:

In this class, I'll be dyeing a total of 45 different multi color palettes: 23 color theory explorations as well as 22 of my "secret recipes". In order to show the gamut of what's possible, I'll be dyeing each palette on 3 weights/weaves of silk:
  • 5 mm Habotai scarf
  • 12 mm Charmeuse half-yards
  • 19 mm Charmeuse scarf
 Something like this:

On the third page of the supply list I give you the exact source for each of those fabrics/scarves dyed up above, as well as exact (or very close) items available from another manufacturer. I also realize that some folks may prefer silk yardage with less of a sheen, so I have also sourced 12mm Habotai fabric, which is exactly the same weight as the Charmeuse yardage I'm dyeing, from 3 websites. (Note: Habotai is usually less expensive than Charmeuse, which may also play a factor in your decisions).

Because silk is significantly more expensive than cotton, I wanted to get this info to you as quickly as I could. I've tried to supply you with enough info to get started figuring out what you need, but obviously I'll have a lot more info for you in the class. If you want to read more about what I'm going to cover, I've got all that information here, and if you have any more questions about what to buy, hit reply to this email.

As soon as I've got the first 4 sessions online and working, I'll send out an email to you with a code that will allow you to register for the "early bird" price of $69. But first I've got to stop writing this email so I can get back to working on the class!!!

Yours in color,
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